I've gotta say...

The fact I can still teach my Sunday School kids using Zoom over the course of a pandemic,

And that I'm able to help run a video livestream for the worship service for my church so people can watch at home...

Is fantastic to me.

Religion or not, the fact that we have technology that can allow us to perpetuate society even at a distance is remarkable.

For all the privacy fears and wacky goings-on in the computing world, we've come a long, long way from the ENIAC days.

@wholesomedonut If only we knew how to use our psychic abilities so that technology was not needed!

@pleiades touche!

There's a lot more to the human mind, body and soul than we can scientifically quantify right now.

I can't wait to see what happens when demonstrable, scientifically backed methods catch up with our innate potential.

@wholesomedonut Definitely! Somewhat worried that the AI might absorb us, but I have trust in human heart.

@wholesomedonut and the fact that you're able to and actually do your religion responsibly is something that should be praised, not everyone does do that even though they can.

I geek out regularly that the communication technology I only dreamed of as I watched Star Trek TNG as a kid is now a reality!

@dallin right!? It's so cool to see stuff like this continually be realized as actual technology, not just ideas in a far-flung show.

@wholesomedonut I do this too, but Facebook live was chosen as the livestream platform. At least the account is not linked to me, YouTube wouldn't be any better privacy wise tho, how do u do it? Just a mainstream service too? I guess it doesn't really matter since we want to make it publicly available

@joeligj12 exactly. I deliberated having the local meetings done through a Jitsi instance and the bigger ones (for the whole service) on something like Peertube but I am not the only one involved and I’m certainly one of the more technical... meaning easier and more familiar == better adoption / maintenance and less turnover in attendants. We just use a private YT stream.

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