I've had so much on my plate as of late that I haven't had a whole lot of opportunities to be wholesome OR talk about stuff or my own projects.

So here's a wholesome little tidbit for your evening:

If you're ever feeling lost, discouraged, or just plain tired of the world and all the (admittedly) stupid stuff in it... reach out to somebody else and try to make their day just a bit better.

I'm always surprised by how fulfilling it is to shed a little light on someone else's cloud

@wholesomedonut amen to this! I might come out as grumpy and dark because I complain about the sad state of privacy today, but cheering up others just a little has a HUGE impact on their day and yours.

And if you don't know what to say - just listen. People need to vent, and just listening already helps heaps.

@wholesomedonut what do I do if I feel like I have no energy left to lift someone else up?

@kambing I refer you to @kzimmermann comment. Just listen if you can't help actually lift that burden.

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