My thoughts on the Apple walled garden after spending a couple of years in the iOS ecosystem.

@kev nice reading as always.

"The walls of the Apple walled garden are collapsing all around me and I don’t get why people are of this opinion still. What am I missing here?"

that's maybe because they can, for example, install third party app stores or maybe because they can install a cleaner version of the OS so that it doesn't only *send less data home* but send zero data home.

but obviously everyone should use what works for them.


@epical @kev to me I consider this a good idea but also an inherently flawed one..

Your security has to be multilayered. It’s good if your device doesn’t phone home by itself.

But if you don’t take steps to avoid browser fingerprinting and letting your ISP see everything you send, unencrypted, the basic principle of owning your data is rendered a lame duck.

Not to mention that even if you do the above, you have to be confident with letting whatever you post online take a lifespan of its own.

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@wholesomedonut it's a process, you have to start somewhere.

might not be perfect and take years of incremental small steps but it's better to do something and make progress, than nothing.

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