I generally don't try and push my idea of diet and the way we eat on to people but living a plant-based life can have a truly positive effect on you, your health and the world we live in.

I'm really looking forward to seeing David Attenborough: "A Life on our Planet"


Although I have no doubt I'll be crying like a child at some parts that show the way we currently treat animals 😢.


@gray I personally don’t mind livestock and large scale farming. IF we are responsible stewards of the land and environmentally conscious.

However... there’s a difference between ethical, sustainable livestock farming and the “chickens in cages” Tyson style ‘farms’.

Wanna know why we have big bad salmonella outbreaks? Put a chicken in a cage where it can’t move, and take it out when it is fat and dead and covered in its own poo.

THAT part is not okay.

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@wholesomedonut I can appreciate that. There are still elements that I'd consider cruel (dairy farming) but that is very much personal opinion.

There are absolutely ways some things can be done ethically. I'm not fully vegan/plant-based. We keep chickens for eggs and bees for honey. They are truly cared for and treated with respect at all times.

There are some farming practices that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

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