So I've been working with a lot lately and I'm considering starting with .

Anyone here in have any experience with either of those?

I've got decent XP in Vue and standard web-dev stuff besides, but I'm curious about expanding what backend platforms I can use. Right now it's basically Flask and Node and that's all I've got.

@wholesomedonut Elixir / Phoenix framework is something that might be exciting. If you are looking for a "framework".

@wholesomedonut RoR can get you pretty far, but scaling could be painful. It's a good way to rapidly build anything web centric for sure.

@sjanes great input. I might give it a go sometime soon on a public repo.

@sjanes @wholesomedonut I might suggest Elixir‘s Phoenix as a RoR that scales. You do have to learn a functional language, though.

@IslandUsurper @sjanes @wholesomedonut

And I didn’t see what @sjanes wrote before that. So, consider that a “seconded” for Phoenix.

@sjanes @wholesomedonut Hehe, I’m of a mind that the best ways are the ones you have to work at. Just acknowledging the learning curve.

@IslandUsurper @wholesomedonut The functional learning curve is flat when you get to linear types and dependent types.

But.. really... everyone should to go the "PLT Tropes" website and spend some quality time...

@sjanes @IslandUsurper the irony of a flat curve. But I've added that site to my ever growing list of stuff to read too!

@wholesomedonut I have been using Jekyll for about 3 years now. I like it!

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