I’m taking an indeterminate hiatus from all socials starting now.

I’ve taken short breaks before but this is like, a long term one most likely.

Yes, I am fine.

Im just tired of.. well, all of this. I am tired of sitting around the campfire watching the wood burn, as it were.

If I choose to leave for good I will post it here when that time comes. I may or may not leave some other way to get to me if I don’t retire this nick entirely.

Otherwise, we’ll see how it goes. Best of luck out there.

Heck yeah Pycharm yeah

I have never used this before and I feel so much retroactive FOMO so far

This is so nice

I’ve coded full projects and delivered them using nothing but vim/VSCode and the F5 key

Where has this been all my life why have I never thought to look at an actual IDE

Anyone have experience with Keychron keyboards? Thinking of getting one.

Today has been a day.

I’m still trying to figure out what kind.

But it has been a day.

I have made no progress at work today. My brain is mush.

I have put out fires as necessary, but moving forward with these projects? Naaaaah. That’s apparently not happening today.

It’s times like these I yearn for like, a two week vacation in a completely different place. Not for the novelty or privilege, but for the concept of being in a place and circumstance wholly separate from my job, hobbies, projects, and even my “self” / reputation and image.

A clean slate, in other words.

I want to like MS Teams. I have to use it every day.

It is single handedly one of the most terrible, bloated piles of refuse I’ve had to deal with in my time working multiple desk jobs that use it.

It’s laggy. It takes forever to start and gums up the rest of the system. It is generally the epitome of “too much stuff and not enough space.”

I would love a sit-down, shut-up chat client that did nothing else to be the norm here.

But my $users would revolt. After they somehow broke it.

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#fediverse #gamejam #gamedev #fedijam
This Sunday at 18:00 UTC (in 7.x hours!) we start off the third FediJam. It will be a whole week of making foss game goodness ^_^

To join/submit a game (can join after start):
To chat/teamup:
To propose a theme:

To make your first ever game:

Bonus: Have a pick at federated multiplayer and/or making a guide for future attempts (will be included in next jams).

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We're not experiencing a 'labor shortage', as the status quo would have you believe. What we're actually experiencing is a living-wage shortage, hazard-pay shortage, childcare shortage, paid sick leave shortage, and a healthcare shortage. If these shortages aren't fixed, many people won't return to work anytime soon.

-Robert Reich, paraphrased.

There's plenty of labor. Fuck corporate tears. Everyone on strike right now, I salute you!

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Proposal from Matrix room #fedijam:m.wfr.moe : ''Defend Your Lands' (thx wholesomedonut)

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Seems like an interesting effort. Rather US-centric, but still a good place to start.


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These nested tabs in vivaldi are gonna be awesome for solving my habit of having 50 tabs open. it will make space foR MORE TABS AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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$ sudo apt remove distractions

$ sudo apt remove self-doubt

$ sudo apt install purpose

$ sudo apt install motivation

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I’ve been trying to compile a list of , , , kind of themed books lately. But I frankly don’t know where to start to cut the wheat from the chaff.

I have Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport,
Typewriter Revolution, by Richard Polt.

What other books in those hashtags would you recommend?

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We have been silent for too long. Apologies for that.

FOSDEM 2022 will happen on the weekend of 2022-02-05 & 2022-02-06.

We have been trying to plan since August, but finding consensus on what we can do is taking more time than anticipated.

Sorry, and please bear with us.

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My employer just blind sided us with an email. In a good way.

In an effort to reduce e-waste, they will be giving us back our old work laptops that were replaced this summer. Just giving them to us...I will not say no to a like-new Thinkpad that still sells for over €1000!

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The scariest thing I heard at summit yesterday: "I'll find you on LinkedIn"

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