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, the Java server for Fosstodon and the Fediverse at large, will be open as of NOW.

This is (as of now) a 100% vanilla Minecraft 1.16.* survival server. Server plugins are awaiting review and will be minimally divergent.

Everyone that's asked to be a part of it has been whitelisted if they provided their Mojang username. If you attempt to join on this URL and can't get in, then PM me here with your MC Java name.

Hi, everyone!

I have just joined mastodon and I am still habituating myself.

Joined Fosstodon because I am trying to learn and know more about FOSS and though it would be a perfect way of doing that.

My interest about this topic emerged when I started to read some articles about privacy, which lead me to Reddit subs like r/privacy and r/privacytools and then a whole new world just appeared before my eyes.

Hope I can eventually contribute to this community!

So I had a dream last night that I was hoarding jewel cases and DVDs and CDs. Ostensibly to back... SOMETHING... up.

Considering now I host I think it’s worthwhile to have an off-machine backup once in a while.

Perhaps today is the day I finally use my case of 50 I bought a year ago? πŸ˜‚

# Dwarf Home, pt 2
date: Tue Mar 2 04:44:23 AM UTC 2021
Originally written for

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And yet by the mayor's decree we are to trust in their judgement, because
they are 'closer to the stone' than the rest of us. What lout would say a
miner is closer to the stone when we all live BENEATH A MOUNTAIN RANGE?

The next time one of those wankbeards swaggers into my tannery and demands
his britches refitted, I might just let them out to dry in the stables
'afore giving them back.

-- a scrap of a charred journal found within the 10th Hall


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Here's another Dwarf Home mini-story.
If I have to tell those miners just one more time to -avoid- wasting their
time and precious iron tooling on mining the adamantium inside Dori's
Warrens I might just light my beard on fire.

Of course it's valuable! Of course it's the hardest substance known to
dwarfkind. Don't we all know that? One would think this was the first trip
out their clan hall, the way these greenbeards act and think some days.


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Give your brain a break :)

Financial struggles are scary. It’s hard to keep your head on straight and make objective decisions when you constantly feel like the metal between the anvil of your wallet and the economic hammer.

@wholesomedonut It's end-to-end encrypted if the client logs chats or not. The recent local chat copies are to prevent the browser from requesting chats frequently if the user scrolls back a page. It's ubiquitous in zero storage (and really all) chats, where the local logs are the only history of a chat.

If someone can read your browser/chat history that's stored on your (supposed to be secure) client PC, you've done something very wrong.

No clue about the stylesheets.

Okay so I was uh... perusing the Element session in the Devtools (since it's run on Electron)....

I could see all of my recent chats, unencrypted in plaintext. Regardless of whether they're in an "Encrypted" chat or not, serverside.

Also it's just a quirk, but.. I saw they pull all their stylesheets from the web, instead of including it in the client's local files.

I'm a tad out of practice with web dev stuff but..... really?

Those things both seem kinda off to me.

Well peeps I am back after a weeklong break from Fedi/social media in general.

What’s everyone up to?

So.. it’s one thing to get news of a loved one passing and have two weeks to process it.

It’s another to carry their casket to the burial plot.

I’m gonna be off social media for a few days.

Posted a few tweets about education, life-skills, gamification and how will evolve. Please amplify (comment, RT) so that I can find other like-minded folks:

I'm going to put together a compilation or collage or something for everyone's builds on . Posting them on Pixelfed just doesn't do them justice. There's so many creative people on there and I'm proud as a host :ac_happy:

In being the host and admin for I've (re)learned quite a bit about how all this stuff works.

I'm now running it in an Ubuntu Server , and might eventually even it.

Bridged means that I can use the host machine for whatever else while maintaining some semblance of separation for firewalls and in/outbound connections.

Not to mention we're about to close out another week with continually impressive builds!

But shameless plug my wife and I did this one lmao

Haven't turned on my Pine Phone in a few days. I turned it on today and the battery is still exactly as I left it. It's almost as if it actually turns off when I press the 'turn off' button :thinkhappy:

How about that?

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