It seems I’ve been quite active over the last few days. I’m gonna tone down the Mastodon posts and just watch the ebb and flow of for a bit.

Just call me Sneaksome Donut. 🕶️ 🍩

@PINE64 regarding your recent announcement about the attack...

The fact you guys found out about it, immediately took action, and then told us transparently about in a short timespan (instead of sitting on the info for MONTHS like some big companies) makes me trust you guys even more.

This should prove to anyone who was wondering, that your company is valuable and honest. I’m really impressed. :)

This is in no way a promise to do something but simply a musing;

Would you be interested in subscribing to let's say a hosted Gitea server or Wallabag instance provided that a majority of the revenue goes directly towards the development of that FOSS project? Say in the form of donation?

Plz boost, this is to gauge interest to see if this is worth setting up

@Tutanota it’s rough you guys keep getting hit with attacks. I saw you went down and came back up about 10 hours ago.. but now I’m having issues connecting again.

Any updates?

I hope the best for you in minimizing attack vectors and building up your security. I love your service! Hopefully you guys get over the hill soon and things can go back to normal. I’m sure you’re all tired 😴

I’d say so, but at the expense of having a rust belt of debris in low orbit much like WALL-E showed us. 😂

Tutanota is down yet again. They’ve had ups and downs lately with DDoS attacks. But for this compartmentalized identity I’ve used them as the main provider.

I really like the service but at the same time I kinda -need- it to actually be available when I need to use it.

Any other recommendations?

This is an amazing app on that allows you to create your own background noise or environments with audio and frequency and volume controls. I started with light rain, added some distant thunder, and then an ocean sound.

Noice: Ad-free indefinite background noises (Relax, improve focus, and boost productivity with minimal background noise.) -

I need entire children books of this kind to give to my nephews! We all need this.

The next generation will grow up with browsers and apps obfuscating the fundamental processes that guarantee our online safety. Unless provided to them by us, they will never be educated on how to stay safe online.

It doesn't matter what you did wrong. Till you reboot it, your machine's gone. Just boot it. Just boot it. Just boot it. Just boot it.

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If your computer still is running Windows, And every time it crashes your frustration grows. When the system's not free, you will always be hosed. Just boot it. Put a GNU system on, And boot it, boot it. Or put it in your horn, and toot it!

It doesn't matter what was to blame. Till you reboot it, your machine's lame. Just boot it. Just boot it. Just boot it. Just boot it.


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"The only people entitled to say how open source ‘ought’ to work are people who run projects, and the scope of their entitlement extends only to their own projects.

As a user of something open source you are not … entitled to anything at all. You are not entitled to contribute. You are not entitled to features. You are not entitled to the attention of others. You are not entitled to having value attached to your complaints. You are not entitled to this explanation." -

So I finally got around to designing a simple blog again. I have it on gemini and in http protocols. Check it out!

Gemini: gemini://


PS Yes I KNOW the cert is bad on the http site. I bugged the admin a day or two ago. I think it’s just a legacy issue nobody’s remembered to fix from whoever took over last... the community is really small and doesn’t use the main web a whole lot anyway. More gopher and gemini.

I'd like to share an app I made over a 48 hour period at a hackathon that just finished yesterday. There's a live demo at

The project is open source, hosted at

Important: Do not upload any sensitive data into the demo app! There's only so much one can do in a 48 hour window, and data security/privacy was not the primary focus for the competition. They will be added eventually, if the open source project lives long enough.


I'm pretty sure the only time I've ever encountered the word "superhighway" is in the phrase "the information superhighway".

That got me thinking, what if we'd picked a different transportation metaphor?

The information freeway?

The information interstate?

No, I've got it: the information turnpike!

Unwholesome opinion of the day 

I’m part of a gaming group. They’ve got a strict rule on no pol, and a select few are especially bitchy about it.

What blows me away is how a group of grown-ass men and women are so scared of mentioning something divisive that they immediately stifle anything from parody to actual discussion.

How can you say you’re grown up and mature if you can’t be exposed to opposing viewpoints without getting angry and can’t discuss it maturely?

Drives this donut mad. 🍩 🔥

Open Source VR Headset for $200

We’ve seen homemade VR headsets before, but, often they are dependent on special software or are not really up to par with commercial products. Not so with Relativity, an open source project from [Max Coutte] and [Gabriel…

Original tweet :

You take back your privacy not by using a private OS or a more private device, but by carefully selecting services that process your data.

Yes, iPhones are less private than my Graphene OS powered smartphone, but does it matter if I use Facebook, Twitter, Google...

Services we use are the major problem in our digital lives.

"that's a made up word"

Yeah and the rest of the dictionary was sent directly by God or what?

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