Funny/Wholesome post of the day/night:

I tend to scream really convoluted things when I play shooter games and get excited. Like this:

*Gets into a back-and-forth duel with an enemy sniper while tanks and planes rage around me*

*Shots whizz past my face, as the last shot in my magazine connects and I get the kill*


*dawning realization on what I just yelled in my tiny apartment... my wife undoubtedly hears me*

".... wait what?"

Man I have the worst luck with this. I finally was gonna get a @PINE64 but it looks like they're outta stock. Which is a GOOD thing cuz sales = traction = FOSS growth.

Butttttt...... Me want one still.

Anybody know when they'll be stocked again? Not sure if their Twitter would have it or not.

Wholesome thought of the day / night:

there are few things (and I can't think of any now) more peaceful than waking up on a nice, sunny morning, without an alarm, cuddling my wife in one arm and our cat in the other - inbetween the cat's incessant meows for her breakfast.

Eventually I presume it'll be punctuated by baby coos and lots of screaming, and eventually younger children gallivanting round the house at some ungodly hour.

I can't wait.

A friendly reminder that the @peertube campaign is still running until complete.

If you want:
- better overall UX and global search
- better moderation tools
- plug-ins, playlists
- live streaming

please consider donating to the campaign. Each contribution matters, even the smallest ones.

Thanks for helping making the internet a better place!

I'd love to just pause the world a moment. Not a day, not an hour, mind -- just a moment.

Today @ONLYOFFICE is celebrating its 10th anniversary🎂

To celebrate this special event, we launched a contest for developers. All you need to take part in the contest is to create your own plugin for @ONLYOFFICE editors! More information in our blog:

P.S. Don't forget to boost this toot on FOSSTODON so that as many users as possible can participate in our contest.

So.... Lenovo .

Debating getting an older one to toy with sometime soon. Maybe even as my Linux-only machine.

Looks like a nice, premium quality machine even if you get a 5, 7, 10 year old one.

What are your thoughts, people? Am I wrong? Misguided? Unwholesome as a donut in general?

The midi-chlorian is the powerhouse of the cell.

You're a technomancer, Harry!

I'm a w̥̲̳̙̠ͪh̩̣͎̤̋͆̊aͯ̾͌̉t̻͖̞́ͯ̕

Just discovered @yarmo's

I agree with his stance that isn't great for email, but it's actually pretty good for other purposes. This website is an excellent demonstration of many of those other purposes.

It's also a great learning tool! Simple explanations of how things work, and what's possible with PGP. Well done.

If you're thinking of paying for email, go for @protonmail instead.

It's cheaper, more private, and hosted outside US.

I normally try to be a very wholesome donut. 🍩

I rant for a moment now instead.

I am positively FATIGUED by the incompetence I face at my job daily.

The overwhelming majority of issues that I 'support' people with could be solved by either


or B: realizing the world (and e-com companies) do not revolve around them or their desires individually.

I have mastered mining. That was very satisfying!

— èrith Nugrethkel, manager

So about that forum app thingy I mentioned earlier...

Banged out the first 100ish lines, wrote my own software license for kicks and giggles, and generally experienced coding nirvana for about an hour straight.

This donut is tired now.

Day 7 of is finally here! Getting back into the swing of the things after a week and some hiatus.

This one's about IRC and the things we kept from it in later designs, like Discord.

So who here in the community would be interested in an old-school async postboard/forum?

I'd keep it real clean and simple. No bloat.

Best of all it would be encrypted and you'd have full control of your data, GDPR-style, no matter where you're from.

It could also have an IRC integration. Still percolating that idea.

The only catch is I'd likely host it on AWS because A: I'm familiar with it and B: it's dirttttt cheap.

Would that matter to yall if I put it there if it was E2EE?

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