@wesley I have never used RSS 😕 I guess I am no longer a cool kid

@bartholin It's never too late to give it a try. I'd be happy to share some tips if you'd like. 😀

@wesley @bartholin i'd like to hear, really. i hate having an account for almost every site i use. :)

@famine @bartholin @can I will write up a quick short blog post about it. :)

this is me, however, I can't get an rss link for all my interests...sad~

@buzhangjiuzhou What kind of things are you not able to get an RSS link for?

@wesley Some Chinese media, they want to keep as many users as possible, so they did put many effort in preventing others to get their contents outside their platform. Fucking China!

@buzhangjiuzhou Aww. I was hoping it might be something that I knew about so that I could help, but I don't know anything about that. I wish you luck, though!

That’s enough, it’s the problem of the society and government (did nothing in stopping this kind of monopoly ), I knew it. So thanks to your kindness !

@wesley RSS is great when the service in question offers it.

@wesley can finally say it mostly non-aspirationally. (though i still use mastodon & reddit)

@Coyote, you tipped 0.001 :10grans: to @wesley and have 0.10486 remaining.

@wesley RSS/ATOM are good examples of the nice things we can have if we use standards instead of apps.

@wesley that's how i follow youtube channels.........with all the other feeds.....in one place and without other videorecommandations...... #noalgorithmrequired ;-)

@der_manu @wesley newpipe on mobile. It was recommended to me here and it works better than the site...

@pixelcode @wesley I'm curious: how would a RSS Tinder work? How does stream chat work in RSS Twitch?

@jkb @pixelcode @wesley A feed of single girls and guys for each city/region? For IM and chat XMPP is probably the preferred standard.

@wesley RSS is the one great concept we mostly forgot about.

I am not sure what happened. Web 2.0, MySpace and Facebook I guess?

@murks @wesley Weren't RSS and Atom among the hallmarks of Web 2.0? Then like all good things they faded away, while all the bloat remained and flourished.

@m0xee @wesley I am not sure of the timeline.
It really is a shame that it faded away. I guess it did not help either to have at least three competing standards.

Still, it may have faded, but the tech is still there. Maybe it will see a revival.

@m0xee @murks @wesley Yes, when Web 2.0 was mostly Blogging, Wikis and other forms of "user generated content", before that was monopolized by big social. The initial ideas of Web 2.0 were not as bad and centralized as web3 people will make you think.

@doxanthropos @m0xee @wesley Honestly, web3 does not exist in my world. I don't think anyone besides some crypto bros cares or even knows about it.

@doxanthropos You're right, it wasn't about centralization at all at its inception! It even had some sort of decentralization in form of OpenID, so you didn't have to make a separate account for every blog you wanted to comment on, but it still got us to the point we are in today: hypercentralization and AJAX turned into a total shitshow!
And yeah, I'm also not into this Web 3.0 thing at all, Web 2.0 became something really bad regardless of that.
@murks @wesley

Alt Text for the image:
2 people are returning from a garage sale.
1st person is pushing a cart carrying many packages labelled LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, 4chan, Twitch and more.
2nd person is only carrying one box labelled "RSS".
1st person asks 2nd person "Is that all you need?" to which 2nd person replies "Yes".

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