I have lots of ability and time right now, but now ideas. :blobthinkingeyes:

I'd like to start a side project that has the potential to make money or become a business, and now seems like a good time to start that, but again, no ideas.

@daz Beyond computers one of my biggest hobbies is learning foreign languages. But I can't think of anything related to that I could make.

@wesley team up with someone with an idea but who doesn't have the ability to execute it?

@daz that's a good idea, but I would just have to find that person haha.

@wesley Opensource marketing initiatives maybe? It's time to showcase how Opensource tech can be implemented in projects and can bring more transparency and savings to an organisation and also ability to work on the source code it self is awesome.

@null0x0 I like this idea, but I don't know much about marketing haha

@null0x0 @wesley I don’t know a lot about managing an open source project, but I have plenty of experience in selling stuff and promoting it...
Need help?

@thewk @wesley was talking about starting some side projects with potential for becoming a business.

@thewk @null0x0 If anything comes to fruition I'll look into your help. Thanks!

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