To those of you who use Wayland, what has been your experience using it? Why do you use it over X? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Is there anything you can't do with Wayland that you can do with X, or vice versa?

@wesley everything works; mostly security reasons (and because Xorg is ugly software); only screensharing/remote controlling did not work for some time, but nowadays in GNOME even that is possible (even through #GSConnect/#KDEConnect)

TL;DR: Use Wayland! Dio use it!

@rugk I might check it out. I am pretty sure my laptop already has a GNOME/Wayland desktop environment installed. I am curious what makes Wayland more secure?

@wesley e.g. it prevents keylogging (applications cannot intercept all keys by default) and much more:

@rugk Thanks for the information. I like what I see, and may use it on my laptop, but I might hold off on using it with my desktop due to the driver/graphics card issues mentioned in that link. Hopefully they get sorted out in the near future though.

@wesley You can't make a remote PC display an application window on your local display server with Wayland, correct me if I'm wrong.

@wesley x is legacy, insecure, bad design. Geht rid of it when possible.
@wesley still Wayland might be not ready to use yet in some situations, which could be a reason to stay with xserver for the moment. Depending on your window manager or desktop environment you could just switch and test

@gcrkrause Yeah, from what I can tell it isn't going to work well for my desktop due to graphics issues but there is already a GNOME/wayland installation on my laptop so I might try it out a bit there.

@wesley I expected problems too but since two months I am running smooth on wayland

@wesley I did use it on Fedora. But I was glad to get away when I moved to Debian MATE.
- KeepassXC can't autotype into native Wayland browsers, because it can't find their windows.
- GNOME Boxes goes haywire. It totally fails to track the mouse pointer inside the VMs, and sometimes just plain fails to show the VM window. These problems don't happen on X.

X is bloated, insecure and old designed. Since it had been around many years now and all the compositors (Compiz/Metacity/Mutter/KWin/etc) have been added as an afterthought. They are, at their core, hacks to do what X should probably be doing itself. If things carry on expanding outwards like they have been, we'll get to a point where the project become unmaintainable.

I'm experiencing Wayland with Sway wm. Most of desktop environment using Wayland with xwayland installed and enabled. That's not a pure Wayland experience. Till now I managed to solve all of my problems with Sway with scripts, codding and learning how to config and get to use a few new apps.
Let me know if you need help with anything.

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