It's been a while since I've been here.

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I am looking for a VPN (or perhaps another method) for making Netflix believe I am in South Korea. I would like to not have to spend much money, if at all. Does anybody have any suggestions?

I am inherently suspicious of a lot of VPNs I see advertising on YouTube channels, but maybe that is unfounded. The only VPN on that will let me choose a server in SK is Proton VPN.

I tried to get running earlier today (which @thewk mentioned to me last week), but for some reason it seems to have issues connecting to pulse, so there is absolutely no sound output whatsoever. I haven't tried the Android app yet, but I am having trouble getting it to work right on my laptop.

Welp, looks like my Linux drive died. Fortunately everything on my storage drive is fine, so I don't think I lost anything very important, but it is a bummer.

Means I will have to get a jew drive and redo my installation. Maybe time to try something kinda new.

When I was 13 and just getting into computers and technology I had a wide imagination and thought of countless ideas of what I could make someday. I had all the ideas in the world, but no capability to realize them.

I will be turning 21 this month and I feel like things have moved in reverse. I have all the capability in the world, but I can't for the life of me think of a single good idea to work on. And when I do get a small semblance of an idea, it is very hard to see it through to the end.

What pixelfed instances do you guys suggest?

Or maybe I should just install a fwm/de that I like, keep my twm installed, and use either depending on what is more useful for what I am doing....

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I first started using twms on my laptop cause I hate using the trackpoint, trackpad, or carrying around a mouse, and it works very well for that purpose, but I kinda don't see the same benefit on my desktop. I miss having a dock for my most used apps and some other things. Maybe it is nostalgia. Has anybody else experienced this or gone back to floating wms or des after a bout with twms?

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I have been using tiling wms for a while now, and while I absolutely love them, I kinda miss full DEs, particularly on my desktop. Maybe I should try using the floating window manager mode in my dwm build more, but it just doesn't seem to feel the same.

To clarify: this will be my first time driving alone ever, and it will be happening in a little bit.

I thought the way I worded it might be confusing.

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Gonna go driving by myself for the first time in a little bit. It will only be to the grocery store down the road, but it's a good start, and I feel confident.

What do you guys use? If what you use isn't on this list feel free to specify in the replies.

What do you guys think about Apple switching to ARM, or the x86 vs ARM debate in general?

I have used Intel for very long but ARM may be starting to take over.

Not sure.

This, in my opinions, is the correct usage of notifications. And similar to how many apps Foss and Non-Foss sometimes have bad defaults when it comes to privacy, many apps have bad default notification settings. Take control of your phone and computer! Do away with them all if you can help it.

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One, it clears up your notification feed. No longer is your phone constantly beeping you about nonsense throuought the day.
Two, if your phone does beep, you know it is one of the small list of apps that you have said notifies you of important information.
Three, these two things combined means that you unlearn the habit of constantly checking your phone to see if there are any new notifications.

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I don't get many text messages, but when I do, it's something important, so I leave the notification on. For something, even like mastodon, I leave it off. I will look at my mastodon notifications in the app when I chose to. I won't let any app drag my attention away to focus on it. This does a number of things.

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I am largely of the opinion that notifications, particularly on phones, is heavily misused. Non-Foss apps will use it to constantly beg for your attention and make you feel like something is urgent. Foss apps tend to give you more control, but I don't like the defaults. Notifications should be used for urgent information. (continued)

Finally the weekend, but I don't feel great, I have a four day weekend next time so I want to use this weekend to position myself to be able to do a lot next weekend with all that time (as well as some good r&r)

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