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VPN (the mainstream proxy kind) 

VPNs have their legitimate (and illegitimate, depending on how you look at it) uses. But the point is, VPNs can be useful. I use a VPN myself, and I can recommend VPNs for certain use-cases.

But what bothers me is the BS marketing that it will protect you against hackers and threats. People are tricked into buying it with fearmongering.

VPNs are useful to access geo-blocked stuff, to use public Wi-Fi, to *somewhat* protect privacy, to torrent... that's about it.

I have an old Raspberry Pi 1 B. 512MB of memory. I feel like I should do something with it. Not just running some light software, but make some kind of useful or fun device. Any suggestions?

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I got my first dose finally...

Why do I get the sudden urge to uninstall Linux? :blobthinkingeyes:

"All done! Windows is all yours now."

Is it Microsoft? Is it? 🙃

Does anybody have any suggestions for software to track exercise stats and other exercise related things?

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Getter and setter? I barely even know'er!

This new version of Windows where the live stream just buffers constantly and you can't actually watch it looks amazing. 🙃

I am the type of guy who will put together a script to theme his whole system with pywal based on the background image, but has no idea what kind of background image he wants.

Any suggestions for how to find a cool background?

Test Failed:
Expected: <value>
But was: <exact same value>


Work has me using a Macbook, but I have recently just been ssh-ing into it from my Linux Thinkpad to write code instead. The only issue is that there is an unusual amount of lag when running vim, and I'm not sure why. I also still need to have the Macbook close by in case of emails. I know at least one other person in the company uses a Linux desktop for work, but I don't remember who it is, nor how they got that set up. :thinkhappy:

DT says some things that sometimes really make me question him, but this video I can pretty wholeheartedly agree with.

You are not the software you run.

I don't totally get the appeal of rust. I have tried to program in it a few times, but haven't really gotten into to it. And I mean no offense, but a lot of it's advocates seem like cultists (I mean this in the most un-serious and humorous way). Any rust evangelists care to tell me what they like about it and or point me to some good resources? Why would I program in rust instead of C? It just seems like a fad to me. (Also is there a way to move .cargo from the home dir to somewhere else?)

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I like to get into tiling WMs. But there are so many, does some fedi folks have recommendations for me? If possible with reason why it's better then others.

Boosts are welcome. :)

Does anybody have any experience with getting a NextCloud calendar synced on an android phone? I have tried using Davx5, but it doesn't seem to work.

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I don't know exactly what genre it would be classified as, but does anybody know any music similar to In Motion from The Social Network's soundtrack, or where to look? Particularly would prefer stuff that is not too loud, overpowering, etc, but it doesn't have to be super peaceful or calm necessarily. Just not *too* much.

The only thing I can think of is to explore music a lot more, that way at least there is no visual distraction, and it can fade into the background.

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When I was a kid I liked to watch Minecraft videos while I played Minecraft. Eventually, I started watching videos while I played other games too. Over the years this slowly has developed into a need to have some kind of video while I do anything. (Generally the video had to be relevant to what I am doing, but not always.)

Has anybody else experienced this, or know anything I could do to shake this habit? It's not that I think videos while I work is inherently bad, I just don't want to have to.

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