Curious to try . Anybody care to share their experiences? What kind of pictures do you post on there? Is it basically just a federated Instagram or is it something more?

I know this is Windows but I think it's pretty universally applicable.

Not an Apple user, but I think it is horrible design on Apple's part that you can't change default programs, and they are only considering it just now.

Somehow messed up my glibc installation on my laptop a few days ago which messed up a ton of thing (as you could imagine). I fortunately had just installed a different distro on a separate partition and was able to use that to reinstall glibc and fix my installation. I am hella happy about it. And I got to watch a movie to boot.

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I find it interesting that when you share/distribute software all you are really sharing is an extremely long series of bits that you figured out, when put into a specific little machine, makes some result happen. Nothing physical is changing hands, you are just giving someone a pattern of bits. It's more like sharing knowledge and ideas -- the series of bits that only you know does a thing -- than it is sharing anything physical or tangible.

I am looking forward to programming some for fun when I get home today. I am not looking forward to trying to fix my laptop which is kinda borked.

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Starting to learn Ruby on rails. It seems like an interesting language/framework that makes web apps easy. A lot of things I will have to get used to/over.

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Collecting video games isn't much of a hobby, it's more of an obsession 😂

Nevermind, I found an alternative to scrot called grim.

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Did break my lock screen script though. It still locks of course but the script I had uses scrot and that doesnt work in wayland.

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Transitioned to Sway and was easily able to transition my i3 config to it. Unless I run into any other issues I may be using Wayland for good now, at least on my laptop.

@cygnus316 @dwagenk @danct12

Wayland has been pretty interesting, but I think I need to move back to i3 on my laptop because I am just not a big fan of some parts of gnome.

I forgot how much I hate the app launcher in GNOME.

For some reason GNOME/Wayland is being kind of slow. Low framerate.

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Thank you @kde for all your work on KDE & Plasma. Thank you @mozilla for Firefox. Thank you to all the kernel hackers for their restless work on the Linux kernel. Thank you to everyone involved working on the GNU tools! Thank you to all the devs working on libraries and the backend, who clearly get to little love!


I really want to get home as soon as possible today, which means that today will become the slowest day of the year.

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I can't believe it's still only Thursday. 😒
I am so ready for the weekend that I keep thinking it's Friday.

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