Need to buy new headphones today. Hoping to spend only around a hundred dollars. Any recommendations that are compatible with Linux and good for videogames? Wireless would be neat (no Bluetooth), but not required.

It's been a while. I am back for at least a bit.

If Microsoft really does by Discord and screws it up to the point that people start fleeing the platform I feel like there needs to be some kind of organized advertisement/awareness campaign for foss alternatives. But according to this article, the deal actually seems unlikely.

Learning a foreign language can be a cruel mistress sometimes. It's hard to keep going when you don' sense noticeable progress. But alas, I must persist.

Got dwm running on my . Every once in a while I will play around and see what kind of features I can develop into it, while keeping it minimalist.

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Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

So much to do....

not enough weekend....

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If you've been lurking on Fosstodon, intimidated by the more technical toots, feeling imposter syndrome, or just afraid to jump in, please toot an introduction, ask questions, learn, get to know others. There's nothing to be afraid of. This is a friendly and welcoming instance. Almost all of us want to get to know you except for a few grumps.😃

Do you think fewer non-tech people would confuse the internet and the web for eachother if one of the most widely used and well known *web* browsers for decades wasn't named "Internet Explorer" :thinkhappy:

It feels good when you finally figure out how to fix something that has been stumping you for weeks. 😄

I appriceate when work code takes a while to build/compile. Gives me a few minutes to relax and think. Watching the text scroll. by can be a little hypnotic.

Well the build finished as I was typing this and there is an error, sooo

Getting a little nervous with work. My current project now has some fairly hard deadlines. 🥴

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Here is my post.

Not mentioned:
Lots of fediverse platforms like mastodon and peertube have RSS feeds too. I don't use them so I can't speak of their quality.

Have fun :)

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Played my first game of .... also lost my first game of ......
that Very Easy difficulty is hard man 😔

It really frustrates me when invidious sites just decide they can't play the video. Especially when it is in the middle of a video. I can't even see the timestamp of where I was.

Yet another reason MPV is the ultimate youtube player.

Sponsorblock has become one of the best add-ons I have ever installed and I regret not installing it even a second sooner. It makes so many videos far more bearable.

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