PrivacyToolsIO failing to their principles: dark patterns and the hidden contract with NordVPN:

I've done a small update contemplating their Affiliate program policy. As you'll see, they're completely ignoring it. This would be less serious if they were a little bit more transparent.

@werwolf @Yujiri Good catch! TY for documenting it in detail. The #PrivacyToolsIO & #PrivacyGuides folks have been dodgy as hell from day 1. It was always evident there were deep conflicts of interest, most particularly from the #Signal thread: Also see: & &

@Yujiri @werwolf It did not seem to matter how much dirt they were presented on some of their endorsements. Regarding the Github repo change, they did a renaming from to ptIO. This broke a lot links to bug threads that were heavily circulated & quite embarrassing (Signal & Keybase threads in particular). At first I thought they destroyed all the content, but it was just a renaming.

@werwolf @Yujiri I burnt out on feeding dirt to the PTIO project that they were not acting on, perhaps due to backroom deals. So I gave up on them.. fed dirt on their endorsements to other projects. In any case, it’s interesting that you spotted data destruction at the same time as the github renaming. That could even be the underpinning reason for the renaming (if not to break embarrassing links)

@werwolf small correction if you feel like fixing it:
"PrivacyTools has losen every bit of credibility."

I think you meant lost here?

@sotolf probably, I've edited so much the article that some words messed up at the end. On top of that, English is not my mother language, it's hard for me to write a error-free article. Thanks!

@werwolf Yeah, it's something that is so easy to overlook it as well when you've been looking at the text so often :) I just pointed it out in case you wanted to correct it :) I'm far from a spelling marvel myself :p

@werwolf Thanks for your article, I loved it! I used to like privacytools in the past, and it makes me sad what people do when money is involved 😪

@werwolf Do you have plans to implement RSS support in your website? Or maybe you already have, and I didn't notice it ... I'd love to keep up with your posts

@cyberghost there's no RSS feed unfortunately, the static site generator we use is so simple that doesn't have support for it.

I'll add this to our ToDo list, I might trying to hack a simple shell script for this in the future.

@bojkotiMalbona @werwolf I noticed from your article that even #privacytools change logs are on a Cloudflare website calling itself #awesomealternatives. It’s never just one irony with these folks; it’s always a cascade of irony & #hypocrisy.

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