I'm also working in a site similar to or but with real privacy recommendations and guides.

Both of those sites recommend well known privacy violators like Cloudflare or fake privacy initiatives like Duckduckgo, Protonmail, Tutanota and Signal.

I think that some people in the privacy community will find valuable a resource without stupid recommendations just because they're more "user friendly".

Btw this site will be something like a wiki so anybody will be able to contribute.

It requires a lot of work keeping up to date with recommendations and guides, I hope that there are some people willing to help.

@werwolf Also a section on well known privacy violators that use privacy as a marketing buzzword rather than a right will also be helpful

@aryak yes. is behind Cloudflare and recommended it as a DNS resolver. PrivacyGuides isn't Cloudflared but they still recommend it as a DNS resolver:

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