3:35 AM here and after 5 hours, I've successfully librebooted my t400

I was going to assembly it, but I think I'll get some sleep first.

I might write a blog post about the process too if someone is interested. It isn't that hard, actually flashing libreboot was just 5 minutes. What took me the most time was disassembling and reading documentation.

Yeah, always interested in how people did things. I'd like to libreboot my r61 but alas its not supported.

Or even my new-ish E595...

@werwolf Awesome I never had the guts to do something like that despite I studied electronics. Having a blog post would be awesome.

I heared least on x60 modles you could get a screaming noise from some of the components unless you install a program on your os. So i am wondering if you have experiencest tgat on yours.

@werwolf Now THIS is how a fully liberated laptop looks like 😎

@werwolf brother me sacas 300 de CI no se me habia ocurrido conectar las mierdas asi
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