I've just installed OpenBSD in an old PC. It's working great. Installation process is simple and pretty straight forward. And the number of package installed by default is impressive.

The most awesome part is RAM consumption. Only 79 MB. I'm loving the experience

@werwolf what is the browser you're using to display

@ecliptik it's w3m.

PS. If you're using OpenBSD, you have to install the w3m-image package if you want image support.

@werwolf what’s the file manager? How did you put colors on xterm?

@chakuari the file manager is ranger. And colors were there by default in my OpenBSD installation. The only thing I did in .Xdefaults was:

xterm*background: black
xterm*foreground: white

To change background color to black

@werwolf oh, Ranger. Never tried (yet). I like tiny tools so I prefer mc (also for ftp) or xfe to, say, nautilus. But xfe can’t open as root (asks for sudo, we got doas). I’m now trying nnn and it’s really fast, but lacks some useful things. Maybe I’ll try also Ranger. Thx!

@person it seems like it works with it, yes. There are various post in both FreeBSD and OpenBSD forums talking about it and there are various Wayland packages.

But you'd have to look at the documentation to configure it as default.

@werwolf That's awesome. I have been testing it on a VM for a few days, and I really like it. I'm thinking of actually installing it on my system, mostly because I haven't figured out if most of my hardware (like Wi-Fi) works properly there.

@getimiskon I really recommend trying it in bare metal. It's worth the experience.

However, I couldn't install it in my main PC because unfortunately I have a Nvidia GPU. I guess that you could always try installing it and check if Wi-Fi drivers work.

If you don't want to install it without knowing if WiFi will work, you can always use a GhostBSD or NomadBSD and try installing your drivers (these are based in FreeBSD but driver support tend to be the same as far as I know)

@getimiskon good news. There is actually a OpenBSD based distro that has live images! FuguIta

It seems pretty much unknown but it's rating in Distrowatch is a 10, so it looks like it works well. You loose nothing if you try it from a live USB.

It tries to be as close as possible to a vanilla OpenBSD installation, and it's up to date. You can find some reviews and their website here:

I actually want to set up as is, without using something like GhostBSD or NomadBSD. As for the drivers, I know my laptop's dedicated GPU won't work (because it's an Nvidia GPU), but the integrated one will probably work fine. As for the WiFi driver, I did a quick search and there seems to be a WiFi driver for my device. I could even use my external WiFi device as well.

As for the experience, my setup on a VM convinced me for that.

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