I didn't like Brave before, but today a friend told me about Brave's CEO. This is (imo) the definitive reason of why Brave shouldn't be used.

I didn't know that their CEO was the co-founder of Mozilla, that guy that was (and is) against same sex marriage and that's an antimasker, Brendan Eich.

@werwolf I don't care about who made the software i'm using, or for anything else, for example i love burzum music but the artist is a literal nazi, and i don't care about it because his music is not nazi prograpanda.
brave is not antimask propaganda, also doesn't have homophobic messages, so i don't think the fact that he made it is a reason not to use it
does that mean hes an asshole? yes, he made JS

@qorg11 yeah, Filosofem is brutal. I love that album. When I learnt that Varg was a nazi I was disappointed because his music is great.

Brave may not have homophobic messages. But they're an advertising company that replace your ads with their own ads. And yes, he also made JS which is even worse than Brave.

While I haven't stopped listening to Burzum it's not the same feeling since I know that he's a nazi. At least the lyrics aren't Nazi propaganda

@werwolf @qorg11 Spoken like someone who doesn't know what Naziism is. He's definitely a racist, but he isn't a nazi. He's not even a neonazi because their philosophy is distinctly statist and Varg's luddite, anti-civilization attitude places him well outside that group.


wtf does some CEO's personal opinions on ANYTHING have to do with whether or not #Brave is a quality piece of software 🤣

@duckhp when he was in Mozilla, his personal opinions apparently mattered. Quote from Wikipedia:

After 11 days as CEO, Eich resigned on April 3, 2014, and left Mozilla over his opposition to same-sex marriage. In his personal blog, he posted, "under the present circumstances, I cannot be an effective leader"

So why shouldn't his opinions matter know that he's Brave's CEO


IMO your stance is Idiotic (the def. form of the word) and close-minded.

But hey.. NOT using #Brave browser, over ideological differences, is most certainly an option you freely retain. As it aught to be.

@werwolf This is the reason why I never jumped on Brave.

@werwolf at least we know he won't be invited into the Google/facebook/instagram cabal for censorship. Probably a good reason to trust it.

@rsheftel I don't think so. Since he's homophobic and antimasker, these type of people tend to censure opposite opinions. So it's just the same thing but the other way round

@werwolf that's not how it works. Powerful people in power censor, not the marginalized.

@rsheftel I don't think that antimask people is marginalized. A few days ago they rioted the US Capitol.

Anyway, that guy wants to take away others freedom. That's all that matter. Why are you defending the right for free speech and not the right of people who love people?

@werwolf It is only up to those that are marginalized to decide if they are so. We cannot speak for their lived experience.

Regardless, I defend the rights of anyone to love anyone they choose. And there is no greater expression of love than freedom, and free-speech is the foundation of all freedoms. Anti-censorship is anti-hate.

@werwolf when it comes to Brave the company, they're not much better, read the controversies section on its wiki page

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