I've done a small update contemplating their Affiliate program policy. As you'll see, they're completely ignoring it. This would be less serious if they were a little bit more transparent.

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PrivacyToolsIO failing to their principles: dark patterns and the hidden contract with NordVPN:

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Great details on how Cisco got hacked.

1- Personal Google account of an employee gets compromised - it has password synced enabled.

2- Got all the employee's passwords, including their Cisco VPN credentials.

3- Phishing to accept 2FA

4- They are in


I've written a post about PrivacyTools and how they've failed their users and their principles.

I'll publish it tomorrow, the sun is rising here and I haven't slept yet. Sometimes I loose the notion of time on vacations.

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I need to decide if I should create a mastodon account for the site. Since I don't want it to be a personal project but a community project it would make sense to separate it from my personal account.

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Major update to The Privacy Raccoon!

After a lot of hours working on it I've almost finished the recommendations page. Every major section* is finished now, the ones missing are from miscellaneous.

*except browser add-ons, I have to decide which approach to take here: if list all the add-ons that may help with privacy at the expense of fingerprinting or sticking to the basic ones.

Just a quick update to announce that I've finished moving The Privacy Raccoon repository to Codeberg.

Some people suggested me that having a Github-like workflow would make contributions easier for new people. Since I want to encourage participation, here it is:


I've also updated the site with some minor improvements while I'm working on a major Security Guide for the Linux desktop.

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Microsoft ❤️ Open Source*

* Free labor they can exploit and resell at a premium

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@douginamug Not an answer, but Whatsapp and Element are basically on the same side of the spectrum. Yes Element is open source and in theory uses an open protocol, but it's still a giant VC company that built its supposedly open protocol as a way to shut down other open protocols and then only created a "foundation" to manage it later after a lot of criticism (and the foundation is controlled by all the same people who control the company). Anyways, rant over, but I'd stay away from Matrix.

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What Do YOU Think? 

When you see a book is in the Public Domain, do you find it more or less valuable?

(Please boost this, I would really like to know what people think)

#cc0 #creativecommons #publicdomain #piracy

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There is absolute no hosting that takes 750 dollars a year for a domain, not for a none top-tier domain.....

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Intel's microcode has been decrypted. "You can understand how Intel mitigated spectre vulnerability, explore the implementation of Intel TXT, SGX,VT-x technologies!"

How long you think it'll take for this repo to get banned? https://github.com/chip-red-pill/MicrocodeDecryptor
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Can free software/open source/hacky software projects stop using fucking discord as
1. Their primary community
2. Their main support network
3. Documentation

Its genuinely madness the mental gymnastics that community maintainers must have to go through to contribute to open software and then allow this proprietary dogshit to monopolize their communities communication, support and documentation.

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Fireworks banned in your area? Try this fun alternative on July 4th this year!

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One of my work mates has been implementing support for extensions to #GNOME Web (a.k.a. Epiphany): blog.tingping.se/2022/06/29/We

This has been made possible because at #Igalia we want more of us to dogfood a WebKit-based browser, and the number one complaint was “but, I miss extension $XYZ”. Luckily, being an owner-based coop we can *choose* ourselves to invest time in things like these :pika:

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