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My workflow:

- Have minor problem that seems like something I'll just have to live with.
- Complain about it on Mastodon, just to vent
- Get unsolicited advice that totally fixes the problem
- Rejoice!

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To update my router search:

I ended up getting a used Linksys WRT1900AC this morning and I'm quite happy with the hardware so far!

The router market is a disaster. Heaps and heaps of garbage.

How many of you guys run OpenWRT/DD-WRT etc?

I just want a dual-band, gigabit ethernet router with NAT loopback.
Looking for something on the used market but everything I find has known problems that are show stopping.

I hate not being able to edit toots. I just took 4 delete-and-redrafts to get a legible toot.
Mornings are hard. is my cPanel shared hosting provider. I know many of you here have graduated to VPSs but if you or anyone you know is looking for a host they are far and above the greatest company to work with. (They also have unmanaged/managed VPSs and reseller packages)

Even low priority tickets are answered within a couple hours during evenings and weekends. Usually faster. High priority is minutes.
They are fast to action on any request.

Also they are Canadian!

They just installed the current Python 3 version at my suggestion. They escalated my ticket to the senior admin after giving me a reason for not being able to upgrade due to various dependencies.
Amazing service. Obligatory toot of recommendation to follow.

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My web host is running a version of Python from mid 2013... what are the chances my measly ticket will prompt an update?

I even avoid great web apps that just have an electron version. I could just not use the app but I avoid the whole project.

Maybe that's over the top, but it just makes the whole project look flawed to me.

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It comes up all the time but... Electron apps. I get why they exist in terms of resources and time for developers.

But I'd rather just not have an desktop app and be told outright that it is a "Web Application". I don't hate web apps. I do hate web apps wrapped in a browser I don't want.

I'm lucky enough to have computers and use-cases that leave plenty of CPU and RAM overhead, does that mean I should suck it up and use Electron apps?

Ubuntu server in VirtualBox on MacOS won’t release memory. When the server spikes and uses more, virtual box/macOS gives it to it, but when the server drops its usage the memory never empties.
I even caught it eating into the swap space
Don’t know what’s up with that

I know a few of you host your own personal wiki, has anybody tried Raneto. Trying to compile all my random notes and text docs into a usable wiki and I'm a sucker for a nice UI. DokuWiki just doesn't excite me!

@fosstodon Just a heads up, CoC link is broken in this account's profile.
CC @kev @mike

Does any one happen to know the the URL for pre-filling a post to mastodon? A quick search gave me this which doesnt do a whole lot.

I know plenty of you are using RSS, so what aggregator service are you using?

I was using the News app within Nextcloud but just started hosting FreshRSS and it looks extremely full featured and customizable.

Check this out as an alternative to Disqus and other user-generated content on your static websites

My only thought is that Valve has big plans for a 'next-gen' SteamOS and is trying to push more developers to release on Linux. If they opened up Proton to Mac, the sales increase on Linux would be piddly compared to the Mac sales and thus not push any further development on the Linux side.

Interesting to see what comes. [2/2]

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Steam's Proton is definitely cool, but this part kind of irked me:
"While Wine and Proton work on macOS, there are no plans to support the new Steam Play functionality on macOS at the moment."

If it works, why stop it's more widespread adoption. Windows users have been laughing at Mac users trying to play games before anyone was even thinking of Linux users. Financially it makes enormous sense to enable Proton on Mac, the sales potential is huge.
Does Valve have some sort of agenda? [1/2]

Currently installing on my girlfriend’s first Linux computer. Her 2011 MacBook Pro is showing it’s age, even with an SSD upgrade from a couple years ago.
While she will continue using the MacBook (for now) as a mobile device, I’m setting her up a Lenovo ThinkCentre with an i7-3770. Cost me $140 CDN... I love these old desktops, the power of a dated desktop is on par with current laptops.

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