Any :opensuse: users 'round these parts?
I'm thinking about switching away from :solus: Solus and seems like a great choice on paper.
Rolling release, loads of packages with Packman, YaST for when you just want a GUI.

Would be great to get my partner on something manageable too, maybe Leap.

@gray Hey! I'm pretty competent at Solus and use Debian for all my server stuff, think it would be pretty easy to get onto the opensuse way?
Any particular likes or gripes as a whole?

@wdavery If you're competent with Solus and some of the oddities that come with it, I see you having zero (technical) issues adapting to openSUSE.

Honestly, it just stays out of your way and lets you get on with whatever you want. Some people tend to find this boring, and I guess in a way it is. It does as it's told and never breaks (unless you break it).

Saying that, there are some things to take note of, especially with Tumbleweed. Always zypper dup, not just up - things get wonky.


@wdavery I made that mistake at the start of my journey and couldn't figure out why things were misbehaving. Nothing that couldn't be resolved by rolling back.

In a way, that brings us to Snapper, the automated snapshots. They can occasionally not clean themselves up which results in it filling up your partition. I'm not sure why, it just can. Always worth keeping an eye on them.


Packages. Being a Solus user, I'm sure you're used to missing packages here and there. openSUSE is no different. The plain and simple fact is that it's certainly not a .deb based platform and that hurts sometimes. It seems that Linux support = Ubuntu these days.

However, we do have the Open Build Service (, but it's certainly no AUR.


@wdavery Removing packages cleanly is something different too. To make sure you remove with unused dependencies, you're going to want to "zypper rm --clean-deps packagename" rather than just zypper rm packagename. It can leave behind some cruft. There's also a way to do this in Yast afterwards if you forget (I do, often).

Working around these differences can be solved with alias' though ( - sly self blog drop.

But overall, it's an absolute pleasure.

@wdavery Apologies, that was far more than I expected to say.

I'm not the most knowledgeable but let me know if you ever have any questions.

You can always ask @opensuse themselves too.

I also created an @openSUSE group which hasn't really been used yet.

Best of luck, and enjoy the journey. It stopped my distro hopping many, many years ago.

@gray @openSUSE Thank you for the great response, definitely more than I expected but I appreciate it immensely!

Honestly it sounds like a great fit for me. I think my partner could even get onto Leap or Tumbleweed without too much help by the sounds of it.

I knew about OBS but couldn't for the life of me remember the name.

One little followup question: What filesystem do you use? BTRFS everywhere or EXT4 for /home? I've seen some conflicting advice and now I'm stuck in analysis paralysis

@wdavery not a problem 😊.

I've been 100% BTRFS since early 2019. Unless you're getting into spanning volumes over multiple drives and maintaining data integrity etc. I don't think it truly matters at this point for end user use.

A personal opinion which many will probably not agree with.


@Solus developers intentionally avoid increasing number of softwares to maintain. Is this distrohop solely due to lack of software on Solus?

I use AppImages, they also help with keeping number of installed packages to minimum and reduce update sizes. I recommend them regardless of your distro choice, except server.


@murtezayesil I have run into that more and more often recently. Usually can be solved with an AppImage/Flatpak/Snap but that definitely plays a role.

I’ve really enjoyed Solus, been using it about two years and was able to slowly get my brother familiar with Linux using it.

Most of the time things work well, not overly complicated, games run excellently. Lately I’ve had more issues with apps; Wire and Geary being the most annoying. And some graphical issues after waking up from sleep.

@murtezayesil I haven’t been much a distrohopper in my time with Linux, so I think I may just feel I’ve outgrown what Solus is offering.

Or just in search of learning something new! I’m not sure what really gave me the distrohop bug

My recommendations to a new distro hopper:
> Always have an installation stick of a distro that runs well on your hardware. Solus in your case.
> If you have a rooted Android phone, you may use USB Mountr on F-Droid to use your phone instead of a USB stick. Just make sure that USB cable is not broken and won't disconnect halfway.
> If possible install on a separate physical SSD. Leave working system untouched as fallback plan.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

@murtezayesil Appreciate the advice! I have always preferred to try new installs on separate physical disks. Just removes a layer of stress that nobody needs.

@wdavery Tumbleweed is fantastic. I've had it on my PC since March and it just works without any extra configuration.

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