@fatboy Great that so many people are switching over, but this just demonstrates how another centralized app is not the solution.

@wdavery @fatboy The problem is that Signal is a company from US. And the new government can easily put stop to their existance. We need federated solution, independent from US based big tech companies. That's how we will make the next internet.

I will not give my phone number to signal.

@parasurv @fatboy Totally with you there. I think we have to agree it's at least a step in the right direction. Anything that gets the average user thinking more critically about the services they use is a win in my books.

What's you preferred alternative? I love what Matrix is doing.

@wdavery @parasurv I agree with the federated solution, but the apps and backends that exist are not ready for the massive demand, and also is not as soft and comfy to use as the centralized alternatives.

Element is still in development, fluffychat is better, registration and federation on Matrix is still unreliable, xmpp has the best backend for scaling but the apps are limited and not as pretty as people expect.

@fatboy @parasurv I'm excited for Matrix in about a year or two. Once the server(s) are more mature and lighter, and the clients are polished.
One of the biggest selling points for me is that it can scale in features based on user needs. Simple user uses a simple client to talk to a power user who uses it far more extensively.

@fatboy @wdavery This is very true. Right now we don't have any tool that can accept millions of people. Not just on chat front, but the fediverse too.

@fatboy @wdavery @parasurv Agreed on the XMPP front. Of course, on that front the whole experience and especially the apps has a way too 2010s or even 2000s feel for most people these days

@parasurv @wdavery @fatboy

Running from centralized big tech controlled platforms to centralized big tech controlled or at least dependent ones make no sense at all. Yet, so far, that’s all anyone is doing

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