Here's a patcher for installing Mojave on unsupported Macs. It's strangely satisfying 'hackintosh'-ing a real Mac.
Awesome way to keep your old Macs running current software for longer and fighting obsolescence.

There's also a tool for Sierra and High Sierra.

I love the Apple ecosystem and find it hard to escape, even when using Linux on my desktop.
I also use a MacBook Pro from 2015 that I needed for school at the time, I and grew up using Macs.

While my model is still supported and likely will continue to be for at least a few years, I won't justify buying a new computer at the Apple rate just to run current software. I've already committed to only buying used computers, but being able to suck a few more years out of them is amazing to me.

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My SO is using a 2011 MacBook Pro (upgraded to an SSD thankfully) that I just used that patcher tool on, and it's running Mojave beautifully.

I'm currently setting her up a new desktop that runs circles around her laptop, despite costing next to nothing on the used market.
Even outperforming it in light and heavy usage she still loves using the MacBook and having something easy on the go.

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