*I work as a manager in a large grocery store*

We lost power in the whole city last night, 6 hours until we managed to get a generator running. And at that point we were the only building with power for as much as I saw with a 20 minute drive home. So we were lucky.
Even so, the amount of loss we have is incredible, I can’t imagine other stores that were still without power.

On the plus side I got a few hours of overtime in.

We think this will probably convince the company to spend 400k on a permanent generator for the store, and hopefully that continues to other stores/companies too.

Maybe hard for some people to care about mega corporations like Loblaws and Walmart losing stock, but the food waste is saddening regardless of who’s pocket it came from.

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Yeah, I always think about situations like that when people complain about price gouging with e.g. the price of generators spiking before a natural disaster. Yeah, it sucks to have to pay a lot more for a generator but, at the same time, there are people/stores that could use that generator to prevent so much waste.

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