Because they stack the crowd with employees. When a product they touched gets mentioned on stage, they cheer and clap. Crowd mentality kicks in and everyone claps for everything.

It's smart marketing, but also gets old fast.

A win for #opensource in Canada.

* Favour open source solutions
* Favour non-prorietary solutions
* Source for custom-built solutions must be released under open source licenses through Government of Canada sites

See C.2.3.8 for the relevant clauses:

Somehow left a cat5 cable hooked up to my desktop for who knows how long... nothing like needlessly limiting throughput by a factor of 10

Just switched my girlfirend's PC over to Solus from Elementary. Amazingly how much easier getting everything she needed running was.

I kept running into stupid bugs like her wireless mouse lagging every 5 seconds, and got sick of patching over "features" the new release implemented.

In case you missed it, has a search page for public domain eBooks:

It uses a custom DuckDuckGo search for ebooks in Gutenberg, Adelaide University, Wikisource, Gutenberg Australia, Gutenberg Canada, Faded Page, Standard eBooks,, and

If you know of any other sources of PD eBooks, especially non-English sources, let me know.

#eBooks #PublicDomain #Books #Literature #Libre

@kev @mike 3 accounts with not posts and an obscene amount of follows have followed me tonight. Worth looking into

Has anyone ever tried Wasabi? (Not for sushi!)

Looks like a really cost efficient way to have remote storage.

You pay per GB used ($4.99 for 1TB).

Seems great for a remote backup location.

to perform better and more similarly to another.
I think the greatest power and tool comes in the form of choice and we should exercise that as much as possible! (2/2)

I run Linux, Mac and occasionally Windows (dwindlingly so thanks to Proton!) as I would be a big portion of our community does as well.

I think this gives us all a unique perspective on software, usability, GUI, function, etc. When you grow up using one thing and one thing only, you just accept its flaws and while you may gripe about it, you think nothing more of it.
But when you are constantly switching between software, you start to see what works better and how you can optimize one (1/2)

My SO is using a 2011 MacBook Pro (upgraded to an SSD thankfully) that I just used that patcher tool on, and it's running Mojave beautifully.

I'm currently setting her up a new desktop that runs circles around her laptop, despite costing next to nothing on the used market.
Even outperforming it in light and heavy usage she still loves using the MacBook and having something easy on the go.

I love the Apple ecosystem and find it hard to escape, even when using Linux on my desktop.
I also use a MacBook Pro from 2015 that I needed for school at the time, I and grew up using Macs.

While my model is still supported and likely will continue to be for at least a few years, I won't justify buying a new computer at the Apple rate just to run current software. I've already committed to only buying used computers, but being able to suck a few more years out of them is amazing to me.

Here's a patcher for installing Mojave on unsupported Macs. It's strangely satisfying 'hackintosh'-ing a real Mac.
Awesome way to keep your old Macs running current software for longer and fighting obsolescence.

There's also a tool for Sierra and High Sierra.

This open source FIDO2 key just went live on kickstarter and based on how fast it's high it's gone in the last five minutes of being up, I think this is going somewhere.

The walls of the garden have come down a few inches.

I'm looking forward to watching this trend continue towards a more open ecosystem.

Apple seems to be opening up their ecosystem.

In iOS 12 you can now natively use 3rd party password managers system wide, as well as being able to define what cloud storage you want to use for any application that stores data.

For the first time, I can create Pages/Numbers/Keynote documents that default to Nextcloud for storage.
I can use Bitwarden in all my apps without having to load it manually.

You still can't change the default web browser, but anyone who knows Apple knows this is big.

On the plus side I got a few hours of overtime in.

We think this will probably convince the company to spend 400k on a permanent generator for the store, and hopefully that continues to other stores/companies too.

Maybe hard for some people to care about mega corporations like Loblaws and Walmart losing stock, but the food waste is saddening regardless of who’s pocket it came from.

*I work as a manager in a large grocery store*

We lost power in the whole city last night, 6 hours until we managed to get a generator running. And at that point we were the only building with power for as much as I saw with a 20 minute drive home. So we were lucky.
Even so, the amount of loss we have is incredible, I can’t imagine other stores that were still without power.

But to be totally honest, I’d love a stack of matching SBCs for purely aesthetics haha. Don’t think I have enough services to run to justify (yet!)

Planning my entry into SBCs. Looking at getting a Odroid HC2 to run Nextcloud and Plex.
Also a C2 for a Plex client.

I’d like to get Pi-hole running on something dedicated too.

The Pine64/Rock64 hardware is impressive, but I’ve read that software support doesn’t really come close to Odroid or Raspberry Pi.

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