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ADHD resource authors consider that your reader might be the patient and not the patient's parent challenge 2021.

[bonus level: consider what the patient actually wants, not just what will make them easier for their parents to deal with]

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One of the reasons that mainstream software keeps getting slower is because most big tech engineers use the latest & greatest hardware when dogfooding.

When you upgrade your HW every year, you don't really notice how bad it is for those who don't. 🤔📱

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I present you: mosey culture (as opposed to hustle culture)

Our goals are out there and we work toward them, but we take our time.

"Someday I want to achieve my goal, but for now check out this pretty flower I have 🌻 . I'm gonna stop and enjoy it before I mosey on to my next task."

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@protonmail has compared a number of Whatsapp messenger alternatives..


It might help you in making a decision, though some candidates like #briar are still missing in the overview.

Also an app like #signal has made some dubious product changes, to diversify into cryptocurrency support that may make your choice harder. It is centralized too.

I have #matrix on the top of my own list currently, but haven't advocated it yet to my family.

See also: github.com/adeekshith/watomati

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The world could have been close to full vaccination by now, if we had agreed on royalty free licensing for all approved vaccines. Instead we sacrifice life in the name of intellectual property and patents. That’s it. That’s the toot.

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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon


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Want to listen to Spotify without bloated an Electron app? Try Spot, the open source Spotify client! It even works on the and


So looks like a licensing issue... github.com/albertlauncher/albe

Still baffles me that it wasn't just removed from repos and existing installs left alone.

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So I rebooted my :solus: install and albert (the launcher) is completely uninstalled and no longer in the repos... why would it be forcibly removed from my install?

@ndanes Judging by your profile it looks like you delete toots older than 2 weeks, is that right? Wondering how you picked that age versus longer times. I’m on the fence whether to delete old roots or not, but I think I’d lean towards 1 year old or so.

Thought I was losing my mind for a minute there looking at an old thread!

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I call bullshit GitLab


I'm glad I went Gitea instead of GitLab when I bailed on GitHub

(yes, i still use GitHub because I contribute to OSS/OSHW projects but not for my own projects)
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It's time to stress a bit more the test instance! 😎

Please feel free to follow many accounts on it so that I could have an idea of how the code and server behave on higher loads.

The instance is available here: beta.birdsite.live but please keep in mind that it's a temporary one.

Boosts will be highly appreciated. 😉

Super customizable with features and themes. I find this theme really nice to use, especially at night.

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I’ve been using RockBox on it to get more flexibility out of it. Love it so far.

If this experiment goes well I’m going to upgrade to flash storage and put a bigger battery in it. Holding my entire music collection in FLAC with weeks long battery life sounds like the dream.

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How do you all listen to music these days?

I’m trying to pull back from my phone/devices and be more offline. Pulled my iPod Classic out and have been using it the last few days. Really changes the dynamic for me.

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@blaine@twitter.com @eschnou@twitter.com @evanpro@twitter.com @aaronpk@twitter.com @benwerd@twitter.com @willnorris@twitter.com @jpanzer@twitter.com @ralphm@twitter.com Also a useful summary:


This kind of comes down to "Freedom to Make Potentially Dangerous Choices", which in practice is the same as "Freedom to Someday Leave a Hegemonic Society".

I think.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/chrismessina/statu

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I can’t believe that in [current year] basic features like [literally hardest problem to solve] isn’t fixed yet. Absolute laziness on the part of [massively underfunded open source org]

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In case you don't know what this is referring to, this is the blog post that the people of Signal made criticizing decentralized systems and why centralization is the better solution


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I'm grateful to the open source projects and 3rd parties who maintain a way to get full service for free. And to the folks who are able to pay for these services to stay running!

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