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Wyatt Avery @wdavery@fosstodon.org

Today I explored the dark web for the first time. It’s a whole different browsing experience

I’m very happy to making more money but I hope it doesn’t prevent me from leaving in the next couple years.
I don’t want to work in a grocery store forever...

I just got a big promotion at a job I had planned to quit by the end of the summer.
Actually full time instead of part time at full time hours. Nearly twice the pay. And a title to boot: Junior Assistant Manager.
Luckily I’ll be moving locations for this position so I can leave the old workplace politics behind for NEW workplace politics!

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Some time back I started minimizing my time on internet services that use the old "gaming mechanism" to enforce user focus (twitter, youtube, facebook) and stick to products that just deliver new posts etc plainly.

What that means is that I can "run out of internet to check" which is awesome. I check whats new, and then at a point there are no more "notifications" etc and no pull to keep checking.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is "I'm going to the gym now, taraa"

Had an amazing day out on the lake, away from work, away from the city.


What are your favourite podcasts? I’m open to all topics!

@kev Looks like you're having an identity crisis
👍🏻 to the current profile pic!

@kev Do you have RSS/Atom setup on your site? /feed gives me a 403

I think self-hosted repositories aren’t a good choice.
The best part about open source software that’s up in the cloud is that years after the creator has moved on/passed way/etc the code lives on and can find life again.

I’ve found loads of great depreciated software that’s web links are all dead, no sign of the author, and yet the code remains usable.

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GitLab "Ultimate" and "Gold" for self hosting now free for education and open source.

This is GitLab taking this massive opportunity after Microshaft swallowed GitHub and making the best of it.

The more people are moving over now, the better their own future will be in the long run.

GitLab also make migration easier, starting the #movingtogitlab campaign with a straight-forward video etc.

GitLab is open source itself, too.

--> about.gitlab.com/2018/06/05/gi
#GitLab #OpenSource #GitLabUltimate

@WAHa_06x36 What are your plans for ‘Toot!’? I was hoping it was open source but I couldn’t find it.
Hoping to release as a paid app or just a proprietary free?

Just passed my final motorcycle license test! 🏍
Five years of everyday riding under my belt, looking forward to many more

@WAHa_06x36 Okay... so Toot! is awesome.
I love the flow of the app, and the animations are excellent. It feels very modern and fast.
Really looking forward to see this progress.

@kev Whoa! I never saw your header image before, that’s awesome!
Is that a photo you’ve edited? What tool did you use?

I have no skin in the game but...

Is it SO bad that Microsoft is acquiring GitHub? I mean sure it definitely effects private repositories, but if it’s a privacy concern, how much more data could they be pulling than what is already accessible in every public repository?

Tell me (please!) why it matters where you’re hosting your open source code.

Trackpads should never be aligned to centre-left on a laptop.

I don't care if the spacebar line sup or not, who wants to reach across 2/3rds of their laptop to mouse around?

I really don't need one but... looking at new laptops and realizing how much I've gotten used to a HiDPI display. I don't know if I could stand using a lesser display all day.

@kev and everyone here on fosstodon.org, how do we feel about inviting FOSS projects to join us on here?
Would it fill our local timeline too much? Better to have them on mastodon.social and follow accounts personally?

I made a slight alteration 😉