@outkine I haven't looked into F# yet, but have you seen the loveliness that is ? 😍

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TIL that the creator of left-pad actively contributes to a github org called "You Don't Need" (eg you don't need lodash)


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shower thoughts 

If people thought that respect for facts would be as important as respect for the wu-tang clan the world would be a better place

What is /your/ code completion setup in /#Neovim? clojure-lsp, deoplete, ...?

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just to follow up on my #FuckCloudflare posting from a while ago and their "solution" for TOR users and captchas I'd just like to say this:
1. They are outright lying outside of a handful of websites nobody cares about.
2. CloudFlare isn't to be trusted, their business model is to intercept traffic and monetize it, and they will do whatever is possible to legitimize themselves whether through marketing lies or other means.

They are expanding their traffic accumulation business model to IPFS and TOR only because these alternative systems which serve the purpose of protecting users can't be milked for profit and they feel threatened.

Don't use CloudFlare and don't feel pressured to visit sites which use CloudFlare and block you with captchas which will track your browsing.
(corrected hashtag: #FuckCloudFlare )
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Dear Tor user, we need to make sure you are a human. To keep our customers websites secure, we didn't find a better solution than blocking you by getting you stuck in an endless loop of unsolvable captchas. Oh, and of course, we don't give a shit about your need for privacy and anonymity.
#FuckCloudflare #FuckGoogle
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And so it appears that #FontAwesome v5 can't be distributed with #Debian anymore because they don't provide source files and build process since their latest update. Making it a potentially non-free package.

Because of that, some software are missing icons.

So Free Software developers, if you want to be included in Debian and use Font Awesome, you should probably switch to #ForkAwesome. ;)

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Linux CoC stuff - posting for info, not debate 

Torvalds wrote an email to BBC about the recent development.


Firefox telemetry 

@ohthehugemanatee @andreipetcu @shellkr Regardless of the excuses, however valid they may be, it is still unfortunate that they are undoing some of their great earlier work.

Firefox telemetry 

@andreipetcu @shellkr @ohthehugemanatee I'll have to go dig through my user.js...

Isn't it a bit disingenuous to use the phrase "responsible data collection" while expecting users to go digging through config options to disable it?

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@andreipetcu Thanks for the link. I was unaware of the sandbox. It doesn't make DRM OK, but it is a mitigation 👍

Firefox telemetry 

@andreipetcu @shellkr @ohthehugemanatee "Hardcore paranoid" (besides sounding a bit derogatory) is far from basic respect for user privacy, which is where Firefox used to be. Worse yet, it seems like it's still moving *away* from that position.

It sounds like you're saying that it's unreasonable for a user to expect their browser to stop phoning home even after explicitly asking it not to. That does not seem "hardcore paranoid" to me.

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#Google pulls a #Canonical and offers us an opt-out in the next release of #GoogleChrome, (opt-in should be required under #GDPR), of signing us to #Chrome automatically. It doesn't change the default behaviour and most people won't notice the opt-out is there, which Google knows.

Don't forget, this small change was not made when they first received feedback that it's undesirable, in fact they were all over birdsite, trying to defend it.

Don't make the mistake of trusting them ever again.

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Currently removing all my e-mail from Gmail.

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Contacts removed from Google. That was much easier than the e-mail.

Still can't quite believe they tried to cover up Dragonfly.

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@darius @puckipedia i don't think the reason people have problems with crossposters is because they think non-mastodon content is wrong. i think people have problems with crossposters because they're non-interactive—people turn them on and then go back to twitter.

they're not posts made by "real users", they're posts that have nothing to do with this network, reflections of people who half the time don't even know they're being cross-posted.

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What a shitty render 


It's actually a real picture of Mars. Although that far out you can really see the render distance artifacts from the simulation that we're living in.


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