After all I feel that I understand my system more with guix than with slackware. Also I have that feeling again that I can broke everything without any chance to fix the system. Guix/Nix allows experiments with the system in that regard.

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Compared to Debian I maybe would choose Slackware for something like a webserver I dunno. Debian is much bigger project and apt is much harder to understand. (Also from now on I don't understand why arch is popular because basically it tries to be simple as slackware, but with something bloated like systemd).

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Guix has mental overhead (600k loc guile program that works over nix-like system, manipulating programs like you do in unix by just touching some text files and leaving all state in the system, but with guile interfaces for that to keep it declaraive). Guix has more programmatic approach for maintaining the system while slackware does this by just using bunch of shell scripts. I think guix can be KISS'er than slack pretty easily in terms of number of packages.

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I installed both guix and nix over slackware and they work without any problem. I think I'm not in that state of mind to install everything manually. What I liked tho is the fact that they don't change source code much, you get everything without any change from their side.

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Had tried slackware -current. It is not that KISS'ed as it promised, actually it is the opposite, full-blown system without dependency resolution package manager (and looks like using something like is a big chore). But defaults are sane, installer is quite nice, init system is simpler and you get after all something close to archlinux, but without systemd and pm.

Looks like stable version has copyrighted scripts from Patrick too. Well then. It was nice to meet you slackware, looks like I will investigate LFS instead.

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Maybe my Slackware (Freenix) adventure will not happen, because I've found out, that every slackbuild script is copyrighted. I'm not sure that I'm able to use stable version (14.2) of the system.

Thinking about checking out slackware with freenix + guix for development. Guix with all packages is almost 600k lines of code, I want to checkout old minimalistic aproach for system management.

#GNU #Guix 1.1.0 is out!

14K commits by 201 people since the last release! It’s been a lot of work but I think it’s a beautiful release. :-)

This is great article from BBC about huge mass surveillance system in Moscow:

Moscow can:
- detect when you are at home or out of home
- detect where you are locating based on mobile geolocation
- detect when are you in subway (we have face recognition in much more places now)
- detect what sites you visit using public wifi networks

It violates constitution rights, but gov doesn't care. Support RosComSvoboda campaign against using such tools:

#GNU #Guix 1.1.0 release candidate available: Testing is a good way to help us, to try out a new GNU+#Linux distro, or simply to get into #freesoftware!

Gonna participate in lisp gamejam using Fennel and Love2d. I would like to use trivial-gamekit (and cl-bodge), but I'm not familiar with Common Lisp yet and basic setup doesn't work on my guix system.

I will try to make the mix of danmaku shooter and dungeon-crawler game. I don't have experience in gamedev and I lack math skills, but timespan is quite big, I hope I can handle it.

Join gamejam if you would like making games and lisp:

Looks like Leah couldn't solve financial problems. I'm thankful that I was able to buy librebooted thinkpad x200t on I hope he'll do fine and will bring more free software and free hardware to the world.

As alternatives libre hardware stores I can suggest:
- (no laptop, but server like motherboard with libreboot preinstalled)

Someone decomposed the app about Covid-19 situation from russian gov that tracks people movement. It is not limited by that, it sends telemetry using camera and tries to identify you. I think it also can look into your contact list. And the most important part -- it sends this info to russian gov site without any encryption and is not even using https. I guess there will be hard times for our privacy after coronavirus.

Presenting you the response from USSR to the language designed by Larry Wall

I got sick, hope it is just a flu. If it is not just a flu, I'm fucked up, I have an asthma. By the law I need to self-isolate myself until 14th April.

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