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Richard Stallman has made GNU C reference documentation. He announced it on his last public stream.

I have rendered current version in pdf and html formats. You can download source code and use it info and other formats.

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Putin declared partial mobilization 

Putin has declared a partial mobilization, that will probably enable him to force more Russian soldiers to fight in Ukraine. I doubt it will make a big difference.

In addition he growled and grated his teeth.


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Work future, freelancing... 

So yeah, I'm slowly reaching the end of the current NlNet funded project and I don't know what to do next. I'd love to work in a programming language (Guile?) in order to force me learn the internals and work with people I can learn from.
Still, I could also work for a company (maybe yours?) for 20 hours per week or less. Or as an external freelance guy.
I don't know.

I have some things possibly coming but nothing big.

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Free Software Awards: Nominate those who have charted a course to freedom by November 30 #FreeSoftwareAwards #LibrePlanet2023 #LibrePlanet **Now accepting nominations:**

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Today I replied to one email and the rest of my productivity was blown out after I checked a messenger: Half of the chats are talking about Mobilization in Russia, which is started.

I had a clear understanding of the tasks, I had a motivation and desire to work today, but I can't get back my focus to the project.

BTW, I'm curious if it still illegal to call war war in Russia?

One sad thing that I've discovered already is that you need to use windows and proprieary software to flash this board. At least someone on youtube says so. I hope I will find workaround.

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I've ordered cheap risc-v single board computer. I plan to make something like C64 or spectrum with my unused mechanical keyboard inspired by thinkpad Tex Shinobi. It is able to run graphical linux environment, but I don't know if it is possible to use for lets say C programming in that environment with emacs running.

If my introduction to risc will be smooth, I probably will switch to it completely someday. I have more sympathy to risc than any x86 or arm.

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Here are some:

But I would install some old Unix like SCO or Xenix in a VM and fiddle with that.

If Debian will include non-free blobs in their default installer, there would be no difference which distro to use Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu and so on.

For me Debian was a compromise between proprietary world and free world. I have used mostly free software there. That was a selling point for me. If I want more blobs, I would choose different distribution, they are kinda all the same.

I think for now my favorite blobs-included gnu/linux distro is Slackware.

PHP errors suck so much. PHP continue C tradition of ignoring errors or providing non verbose description of them.

Do you know any materials about learning original proprietary unix system? I only know the book called Unix programming environment, but I want something else.

Sad that I don't have resources to visit Paris to attend at guix 10 years event :(

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📺 Still streaming live from Paris, France: Ten Years of Guix.

Saturday: Hacking (with) Guix

«Saturday is for Guix and free software enthusiasts, users and developers alike. We will reflect on ten years of Guix, show what it has to offer, and present on-going developments and future directions.»

Check out the program:

#gnu #guix #Guix10Years #android

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Not only does #Guix10Years have a great program, it also has great kakemonos designed by the awesome @luis_felipe.

Design available here 👉

(Photo courtesy of co-organizer Tanguy.)

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