I switched to learning viper instead of evil. Looks like difference between vi and vim is not that significant and viper works fine for me. I think evil users like evil because it has keybindings for other packages like magit.

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Do you know what kind of projects can get financial support from nlnet? Do you have experience getting some money on your project using this organization?

I can see that they fund many libre software projects including software that I'm interested in contributing:

Trying to start using evil-mode. Muscle memory feels weird.

While we complain about missing #Guix substitutes (yes that happens!), @mothacehe implements monitoring of our continuous build tool:

Very helpful as we work on optimizing build throughput!

My uni study group is located in russian pro-government social network vk.com. I can't see timetable of my studies, because they made this thing private, you need to register to view information related to your study. I have a question to any russian uni, why do you like to hide information so much. Knowledge is about sharing information, hiding information is the way to a dead end.

Education in Russia in non top uni is not worth a penny. University of communication systems can't properly provide a communication system. They couldn't even provide education programs on their website(s) (they have like 10 websites with same information). My attempt to study only confirms my fears that closed russian education is nonsense crap, its better to just watch some EU and American recorded lectures and go through their programs instead. Diploma doesn't mean much for me anyway.

@cstrotm Have you seen this talk by a Nix-er on Guix?

I found it very illustrative of the differences:


My takehome is that while Nix was the first[1], Guix's cleaner design makes it more attractive.

[1] I think RPath is actually closer to the first.

Hey Hackers !

Please, don't be shy. 😳

Repply to this toot and share your #liberapay #patreon or whatever account (if you have none, go get one) as we can all know about it and support your work at will !!! 😍 👏 🤑 🤝

Also give us a hint about what you do !

Don't struggle guessing wether your work/hobby/passion is valuable or not, do it! You could be amazed ! 😉

No judgment , just #LOVE ❤️

Boost it, add #hashtags ! Spread it !

#freesoftware #passion #hobby #work

Look what I have. Thanks to guix devs I can use gnu hurd in virtual machine that starts with my system.

See hurd-vm-service-type

I hope I will be able to get a degree using only free software. Testing was provided using BigBlueButton which is a good sign.

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I've started to get CS degree in Moscow. Not sure if it will work out well for me, but we'll see.

Version 27.1 of everyone's favorite extensible, customizable, and free text editor is here! Try the latest #Emacs release and see what all the fuss is about: u.fsf.org/34s

Belarus, stay strong. I wish russian people will follow your example someday. Situation looks very similar to me, some idiot tries to rule the country for 20+ years in a row.

After all I feel that I understand my system more with guix than with slackware. Also I have that feeling again that I can broke everything without any chance to fix the system. Guix/Nix allows experiments with the system in that regard.

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Compared to Debian I maybe would choose Slackware for something like a webserver I dunno. Debian is much bigger project and apt is much harder to understand. (Also from now on I don't understand why arch is popular because basically it tries to be simple as slackware, but with something bloated like systemd).

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Guix has mental overhead (600k loc guile program that works over nix-like system, manipulating programs like you do in unix by just touching some text files and leaving all state in the system, but with guile interfaces for that to keep it declaraive). Guix has more programmatic approach for maintaining the system while slackware does this by just using bunch of shell scripts. I think guix can be KISS'er than slack pretty easily in terms of number of packages.

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I installed both guix and nix over slackware and they work without any problem. I think I'm not in that state of mind to install everything manually. What I liked tho is the fact that they don't change source code much, you get everything without any change from their side.

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