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How can I get an email account for Anyone kind enough to send me invite code / link?

From 1960s and to this day, political protests in Russia have been peaceful. Of course, in a 10k+ crowd there are going be individual hot heads but their actions never were either organized or noticeable. By far, the major initiator of violence had always been the police, together with OMON (“Russian SWAT”) and so-called “National Guard” which is basically Putin's personal army, as it was created by his decree for no good reason, and reports directly to the President.

Since 2019, their actions during political protests had been unusually increasingly brutal. Today and Jan 23 (a week ago) marked the first (I suppose) violent attacks at old women, resulting in injuries, and it's pretty certain that no officers are going to be prosecuted for this, even though they were caught on camera.

Meanwhile, many common people engage in moral insanity reacting to these events along the lines of “she should have been careful instead of stupid” while many others will likely get radicalized in response.

This is not going anywhere good.

«Тело отдали вообще без внутренних органов».

«Новая газета» публикует новые ужасающие видеозаписи с пытками заключенных в ярославской ИК-1. После издевательств в колонии умер заключенный.

🔞 Не смотрите, если вам нет 18

Полный материал:


I attended most of the talks in the “Declarative” #FOSDEM track today and I enjoyed them all!

It’s been truly inspiring all along, and perhaps one of the best programs this devroom has had over the last few years. Thank you, fantastic hackers!

You can now subscribe to Cuirass build notifications directly on , using the @cuirass bot.

The build notifications are also sent to this more traditional mailing list:

We ordered everything else needed for libreboot'ed pc. Last thing is nvme ssd, which we need to first test then order rest of them if it will work properly with coreboot/libreboot.

Tomorrow at 15:00 UTC will be:

- talking about declaritve configuration of userspace software in Guix.

- explaining home-services - main building blocks of user's home environment.

Cases for librebooted desktop computers arrived. Its not that fancy, but looks very good for its price.

Bring a delightful #Scheme dish to the #GNU #Guile potluck in celebration of Guile 2.0’s 10th anniversary!

Happy hacking! :-)

The ActivityPub Panel

Authors of the #ActivityPub #protocol
incl. Jessica Tallon, Amy Guy, Evan Prodromou, and Erin Shepherd
moderated by Christopher Lemmer-Webber @cwebber

ActivityPub is now a widely adopted #standard
... but how did it become a standard in the first place?

Hear about the process of getting ActivityPub all the way to #W3C #recommendation status from the people who made it happen […]!


Q&A FRI, 14:30 UTC

I see becomes more popular and community build cool things for it, now it even have its own awesome list:


We got cpus and 4 more motherboards. I checked coreboot with grub, everything works as expected, but needs more detailed testing.

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To compensate the low value of ram we're gonna test nvme ssd with coreboot. At least swap should be faster than on usual ssd.

Core 2 Quad processors will come today or tomorrow.


I ended up on one of the meduza's photos, but I won't tell on which one. I hope it will not bring me trouble since face recognition systems are actively used in Moscow against its citizens.

You can now tweak your channels.scm so that "guix pull" only jumps to Guix revisions with available substitutes for package definitions:

(use-modules (guix ci))

(list (channel-with-substitutes-available

We still need a bit more time to come up with a final price and final list of hardware, but if you are interested in reserving one pc you can pm me here in mastodon. $500 is the theoretical maximum for desktop pc with libre bios and removed Intel ME. D8/D16 are selling for $1000, sells thinkpads for more than £400, other places have similar prices too. More details will be available soon. All the money will go on surviving, developing guix and assembling new setups.

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