Later today we will hold another talk on Scheme language for Guixers.

Will make a detailed overview of quotes , quasiquotes, gexps and complementary unquote, uquote-splicing, ungexp macros.

Dwarf Fortress and Rim World are more about simulating societies. I really love these games, but I think that player should play less leading role in such games. Would be wonderful to be able to just observe how your society is doing. Thinking politically, with the player they have autocracy, but if you remove the player it would be something close to anarcho-communism.

Someday I will design libre game close to my vision of such simulating society games. Let me know if you know similar games.

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I think computer games can be the new form of art, because they provide new combined complex ways to communicate with their players (visuals, sound, text, gameplay). Sadly not so many games designers are interested in making games for the purposes of art, many of them are made only to have a maximum profit.

From the list above definitely "art" games are Deus Ex and Pathologic. They provide new ways of understanding society and some of its problems. I love when games are connected to reality.

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I'm sad that I love computer games, because many of them are proprietary, but have great implementation in sound/music/game design. Let me list games that I've enjoyed back then, when I was not that involved in using free software.

- Deus Ex (2000)
- Quake-like games (q1,q2,q3, Reflex Arena)
- Rimworld / Dwarf Fortress
- Touhou Project
- Pathologic

Probably many many more, but those are the ones that I remember to this day.

While the FSF is committed to ongoing improvements to governance (see, we're going to resume using this space for free software news. We hope to be able to announce increased transparency and positive changes soon. Thank you for your patience.

New RYF certification! The ThinkPenguin, Inc. Free Software Wireless-N Mini Router v3 (TPE-R1300) is now certified to Respect Your Freedom. Read more about the new certification: and learn more about RYF at

Liltechdude ( has donated to me thinkpad t60. So now I own three laptops: x200t, x60s and t60. I hope I would will find the use for all of them.

New RYF certification! The ThinkPenguin, Inc. Free Software Wireless-N Mini Router v3 (TPE-R1300) is now certified to Respect Your Freedom. Read more about the new certification: and learn more about RYF at

I think Idris made me interested in learning Haskell.

As the FSF Board continues work to improve its governance, it has added to our site the answers to frequently asked questions about the Foundation and its work. These FAQs will be updated in the weeks ahead, as needed.

the #SoftwareHeritage archive has now passed the threshold of 10 billion (!) unique source code files archived (and 2 billion unique commits, coming from more than 150 million projects)

I'm sad when application doesn't support gnu readline, because of bsd-like license. I was interested in learning a bit about Idris2, because it is based on chez scheme, but it doesn't support history and completion out of the box. You can get history bindings through rlwrap, but I think thats all it provides. Idris1 (written in Haskell) has better repl support with history and completions out of the box.

Second Guix Home Meetup will be in less than 4 hours.

Time: date --date="2021-04-28 15:00:00 UTC"
Length: ~1 hour

The main topic is gradual migration from dotfiles.

Bring your questions and good mood!)

#GNU #Guile 3.0.6 released! 🎉

Among the highlights are the inclusion of a bundled mini-GMP, a new ‘read’ in #Scheme, and various optimizations.

Хотелось бы верить, что мне просто не хватает контекста, но когда я сам же прошёл по административке у меня не осталось сомнений, что такое может происходить повсеместно с кем угодно. Если такое может происходить по мелким административным статьям, то страшно представить сколько невиновных пошло по уголовным с использованием таких же махинаций со стороны суда.

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Читаю другие твиты Светова и каждый его комментарий кажется до жути знакомым. И про ментов-свидетелей, существование которых под вопросом, и про вынесения решения за минуту. Даже при наличии объективных доказательств невиновности выигрывает необъективный рапорт неизвестного сотрудника органов. Ребята настолько охуели, что даже по своим же правилам разучились играть.

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It is also sad to see that the person, who helped while I was arrested, has been kicked from the organization, that checks the conditions and work of jails.

В общем, мусора — позор России.

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