Someone decomposed the app about Covid-19 situation from russian gov that tracks people movement. It is not limited by that, it sends telemetry using camera and tries to identify you. I think it also can look into your contact list. And the most important part -- it sends this info to russian gov site without any encryption and is not even using https. I guess there will be hard times for our privacy after coronavirus.

Presenting you the response from USSR to the language designed by Larry Wall

I got sick, hope it is just a flu. If it is not just a flu, I'm fucked up, I have an asthma. By the law I need to self-isolate myself until 14th April.

"Guix: Unifying provisioning, deployment, and package management in the age of containers" by Ludovic Courtès:

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Touhou's contribution to the world of music is seriously amazing. Has any other single piece of media inspired as much?

@sir Any chances to include GNU Guix as sourcehut's build image? There is guix docker image based on alpine:

No no no, that's actually a GOOD thing about Sourcehut, patches and mailing lists are superior to the GitHub model. Everyone has an email - not everyone has or want to have an account on your platform, especially if they just want to send a quick bug report or a simple patch. Don't lock people into your web UI. @fsf

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