I turned Ubuntu into Guix System on VPS and now I can manage and configure it with guix deploy.

Also, managed to configure a restreaming setup, now my live streams will be available on both YouTube and PeerTube.

I'll share more details in 2.5 hours:

Announcing the International Anti-Authoritarian Gathering 2022 in St-Imier!

From 28th to 31st July 2022 a gathering will take place in St-Imier (Jura, Switzerland) to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Congress of St-Imier which, in 1872, saw the foundation of the Anti-Authoritarian International, an event marking the birth of the organized anarchist movement.

The event will consist of 4 days of meetings, lectures, concerts, seminars and various other activities. It will be a great opportunity for libertarian supporters and the general public to debate, share and experience libertarian ideas and practices. It is an opportunity for those who have not yet discovered the rich history of the anarchist movement to learn about its contributions to social progress and its struggles from previous centuries to the present day.

This @anarchy2022 account will be the principle social media account for the event. So, start following us here to keep up to date with more details as the organization of the event proceeds.

The website is being set up at anarchy2022.org

#anarchism #anarchy2022

Всё настолько плохо, что даже КПРФ не признаёт выборы (по крайней мере электронные).

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>Несколько кандидатов-одномандатников проиграли на выборах в Госдуму, хотя во время подсчета голосов лидировали. Как сообщает «Дождь», в округе № 198 самовыдвиженец Анастасия Брюханова лидировала после обработки 99,57% протоколов с результатом 27,14%, а кандидат от «Справедливой России» Галина Хованская шла второй с 25,55%. После обработки всех протоколов победителем стала Хованская, получившая 28,78% голосов, а окончательный результат Брюхановой — 23,28%.

Эх.. :(

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“What’s in a package” 📦
👉🏼 hpc.guix.info/blog/2021/09/wha

This blog post was inspired by the sweat I put into packaging #PyTorch for #Guix and by a desire to understand what #pip & #CONDA were doing and to explain what’s at stake.

#infosec #ReproducibleBuilds #ReproducibleScience
Cc: @reproducible_builds

В последний день выборов можно почитать у Ричарда Столлмана чем плохо электронное голосование:


Документация открытого кода электронного голосования не очень многословна, хотя по-хорошему государство могло давать инструкции как явно проверить работоспособность системы. Есть популярный тезис, что Open Source как модель не так хороша, если кодовая базу невозможно заревьювить по тем или иным причинам.


.oO it's software freedom day!
it feels a little ahead of the right date, but I'm not one to pass a free software celebration
let's make it a fortnight-ish freedom fest, from today through to Sept 27 (GNU launched, FS coined), and on to Oct 4 (FSF founded)

Gnusocial update alert: work has started on a modern looking, consistent and accessible UI, with Non-JavaScript version as the primary focus. Read about the update to the eldest federated social media site here: u.fsf.org/3g1

Как я и предполагал, умное голосование вместо выбора более популярного кандидата, втюхал в мой избрательный округ новенькую либералку, о которой никто не знает, но которую продвигает Кац. Идея умного голосования и так сомнительной была, но теперь с необоснованным выбором у меня остатки доверия к этой системе пропали.

Есть конечно вероятность, что непосредственно к выборам что-то поменяется.


Expecting biggest act of censorship on that weekend. Government requires ISP's to block google, cloudflare's and others public DNS and allows to work with the only internal dns provider for "russian internet". Hopefully it will last only for elections, but anyway that kind of stuff you expect from third-world country, where political situation is really unstable.




.oO let's celebrate the 10th anniversary of #Freesh, the .deb distribution of #GNU #Linux-libre for multiple architectures maintained by Jason Self. please join me in thanking Jason for his tireless work for Free Software

Today I'm gonna drive a test section of bike lane that supposed to be extended from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Looks like the cli utility for developing symfony apps is proprietary (github.com/symfony/cli/issues/). And you can see their attitude about free software.

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.oO coming soon to the nearest tech dystopia:
apple will report iPhone users' mentions of pregnancy interruptions to the police
it shouldn't be able to; your device should serve you, the user
only freedom-respecting software can deliver believable privacy

@be @ArneBab @mala Sure that’d be great. :-)

A lot has already happened, partly through volunteer work and partly thanks to @NGIZero grants and the tireless work of @janneke (with #Mes for the C toolchain), @roptat (Java, OCaml), and others (for Rust, Racket, ARM support in Mes, etc.):


#Bootstrapping work is a huge endeavor though and it’s never “finished”—at least not until “bootstrappable” software is the norm!

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