Why die ? It was closed and expensive with fragmented cendor community . So brilliant ideas with revolution concepts died with out community and open source .

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RT @esugsmalltalk@twitter.com PharoJS for Real World Applications (#esug22 Slides): t.co/1bZi1uzSvd

logseq.com/ quite interesting alternative to . is free and work with and md files . Only one downside - no plug-in support on tablet

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We love free software. With much thanks to the talented @SachaChua for illustrating the reasons. See sachachua.com/blog/ for emacs news and more!

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youtu.be/HVQlHPAh-xU the more I get into protocols the more I see Alan Kay idea of software internet . Messages is a core of decentralized .
is all about messages

Concept of Alan Key - Software internet eat my brain for 20+ years . System is a composition of objects that communicate with a messages . It could and should be fully on demand . After a smaltalk we got actors and remote actors . Nowadays we have one more mind blowing thing - . I deep believe on actors as web assembly modules interconnected with and distributed computing.

is quite interesting. I like and . Do you know any similar projects with same idea ?

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Happy Monday!
More hands on session about SDK on edge and VPs .

What is the best embedded document db ?

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How Rust beats NGINX, or, How we built Pingora, the proxy that connects Cloudflare to the Internet


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