After a couple of evenings attempting to get and World of Warcraft running on a Linux, I'd like to give a big shout-out to Wine, Vulkan, and DXVK for making gaming on Linux in 2020 an absolute doddle. Outside of an issue with logging into client (that can simply be ignored) and needing to borrow a copy of the game's Windows cache (thanks Lutris forums!), setting it up has been quick and painless. Plus, I think performance is actually better than when I played it on Windows.

@voxsecundus I try to contribute fairly regularly to xournalpp ( and all of my own projects are also FOSS, just to name one: Oblecto ( which is a completely FOSS Media Server

Interested to see this: how many of you that use FOSS also regularly contribute to FOSS, especially those that you use?

On today's episode of "Finger Picking Good", we're listening to Buckethead.

Buckethead is a recent discovery for me. It's impossible to pin him to a certain genre, so it's much easier to just say "he's a guitar player".

His most notable features are the KFC bucket and blank mask he wears as part of the persona.

His discography is slightly intimidating at first glance, consisting of 314 studio albums as of this toot.

On today's episode of "Twelve Vocalists", we have a look at Deadweight, by Lowlife.

The song has twelve vocalists. It's essentially a deathcore showcase. Enjoy!

On today's episode of "Cry Hard", we observe 'Holding Absence'.

Holding Absence are a post-hardcore band from Cardiff, Wales. They have one album, as well as a handful of singles and a split EP they made with a familiar contemporary, Loathe.

It took me a while to enjoy HA, not 'getting' the ambient, more heartfelt songs, and only really enjoying the metalcore banger "Like a Shadow". However, after seeing them live during my time at university in Cardiff, I was hooked.

Is the `Show more` that I'm seeing on certain toots something I can add to mine, or is it out of my control?

On today's episode of "Postponed to 2022", we observe Shadow of Intent.

Shadow of Intent are a deathcore group from various US states, formed as an Internet project. Their previous album, 'Reclaimer', is considered by many to be a cornerstone of modern deathcore.

Their latest album, 'Melancholy' takes a more varied approach. There are fewer breakdowns, but more symphonic tracks,
black metal blasts, and powerful riffs. Also, Ben Duerr has the range of a Barrett M82A1.

On today's episode of "The Abyss Stares Back" (working title), we observe Black Tongue.

Black Tongue are a downtempo deathcore/doom group from Hull, England. Their latest album, Nadir, is a concept album drawing inspiration from Dante's 'Inferno', depicting man's journey through his own psyche at Death's door. The album's closer, Parting Soliloquy, features one of the heaviest, most brutal, and most emotionally honest segments you can find in music, let alone metal.

As much fun as it is developing a Ruby gem for Swedes, it really is a pain when all of the documentation I want to read is in Swedish. Is this my excuse to learn a new language?

This is a new series called "All My Gigs Are Cancelled And I Crave Physical Release", where I post my favourite bands and whine about how all the gigs I had this year were cancelled.

On today's episode, we'll be observing Bound in Fear. BiF are a downtempo group from Surrey. They are the definition of "low and slow", packing a nuclear blast into each riff. This track, 'The Rot Within', features Alex Teyen, a vocalist whose band may or may not be featured next episode.

Reposting this under so I can kindle further interaction with complete strangers.

Hi, I'm Jack; I like .*core music, open source software dev, and Bionicle. Praise be to Mata Nui, praise be to downtuned 6 strings, praise be to having a >280 character limit.


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