Can some one explain me how to setup in fedora silver blue vscode with go ? This would be nice :)

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Zoom is awful and folks should stop using it.

I'm a little bit mad so i just want usw Mastodon as my psychology tool ^^ I don't get it why people dont understand that good software development starts slow and ends with fast results and bad software development start fast and ends with slow results

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A viewer just sent me this... That's pretty ugly. Can't register a new Teams account if your email address is from tutanota, and MS refused to explain why or fix it.

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I want to go to a physical computer store, stick USB sticks in all the display computers in there and load them all into a Fedora Live image.

Hello Guys, i hope some on can help me out. I have two GPUs a external and a internal one. I want to switch between them to save battery life. I using on my device Fedora.
GPU: AMD ATI 08:00.0 Cezanne
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 6600/6600 XT/66

If I dont like all the social networks like facebook ,Instagram and tiktok means that I'm unsocial ? 🤔

My main Problem with AMD GPUs is, if you want to play and do graphical thinks like video edit or work with blender than you need mesa and amd pro drivers. I can't use all the software rendering features with mesa. Have some one more informations about this topic ?

Go is for me the perfect scripting language just nice when you want program some tools for you daily workflow

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Gaming on Linux is really a success few month ago i was not able to play free pvp games but now i have to many choices and also the new games supporting now proton.

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I never thought that a photo of my body would become one of my most successful toots.🤔

Germany have a lot of empty offices, but no buildings for people to life inside :(

actually i wanted to write the App Store have no Desktop Apps !!!!

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In the Work i have to use Mac OS and i recognized that for me is a Fedora 1000 times better as a Mac OS. The App Store have actually now Desktop Apps xD You have to download and install everything via a .dmg file xD On Linux i have everything on Flathub.

someone have some connection in or knows something to find a ?

someone is in and want to buy a nice slimbook pro ? I my pro for 800 euros just let me know if you are interested

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