Gaming on Linux is really a success few month ago i was not able to play free pvp games but now i have to many choices and also the new games supporting now proton.

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I never thought that a photo of my body would become one of my most successful toots.🤔

Germany have a lot of empty offices, but no buildings for people to life inside :(

actually i wanted to write the App Store have no Desktop Apps !!!!

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In the Work i have to use Mac OS and i recognized that for me is a Fedora 1000 times better as a Mac OS. The App Store have actually now Desktop Apps xD You have to download and install everything via a .dmg file xD On Linux i have everything on Flathub.

someone have some connection in or knows something to find a ?

someone is in and want to buy a nice slimbook pro ? I my pro for 800 euros just let me know if you are interested

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Let me introduce Drops.It's a really functionnal #VST and #lv2 #sampler for Linux. Drop a sample in there, tweak it to taste. You're done. It's elegant, and "just works"™.
Grab it here:
And say thanks to for developing this. Thanks Rob, really.

#musicproduction #audio #musicians #linuxaudio

actually why so many websites usng the ip address to set the language instead to use the browser api ? This so stupid specially when you always use a VPN :(

this is a nice steam plugin manager :D But unfortunately this don't will work with the steam flatpak version :{

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VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE – BLOODHUNT is now also playable on Linux with Proton a other nice battle royal game

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