Oh yes, certainly have.

Do they provide some hardware, for purchase? An open source, privacy focused voice input?

What are they doing that worries you?

I've been waiting to get into home automation, but Google and Amazon are stopping me

Is it worrying you, @mike
They are still privacy focused, right?

@kev @mike @ianmjones
Ubuntu it is. My mistake.
Ubuntu had the momentum to knock windows off its pedestal but didn't do it. I'm a bit sore on them for that

I ran it for a couple of months, but moved back to manjaro. Too many issues on my ASUS laptop

Just to clarify, I am referring to the pink haired elephant thing, not the minimialist, two tone logo ( 'e'/'elephant trunk' shaped, with the word 'foss' inside)

Coffee cups and hoodies.

But i will wait until the mascot changes


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