For people that use Spotify it might be interesting to learn that (to my knowledge) Deezer has a larger library (56 million tracks) than Spotify and doesn't use DRM.

@vordenken I've currently got it happily playing music in Firefox without Widevine, play DRM-controlled content disabled and Flash disabled. I was never able to do that with Spotify.


@ericbuijs Nice to know that. I would love to switch from spotify but the best feature from spotify, recommended new music, is just not present on other services like deezer..

@vordenken FWIW, my son's tell me that Deezer's Flow is pretty good.

@ericbuijs Sadly when opening deezers website or app, its connects to a lot of crap like google and facebook.

@vordenken In my webbrowser I see the usual suspects like and googletagmanager which I all block of course. Not much more. It would surprise me if Spotify wouldn't deliver a similar payload with it's webplayer.

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