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> Signal is hiring developers to build Rust libraries that help make private communication simple. If you care about code quality as much as you care about user privacy, you should fit right in.


Day 3 of my adventure: So far, so good. Getting quite good quality prints now. Currently printing a few addons for my ender3 pro. In the meantime I tinker with , a webinterface running on a pi.

Homeoffice really comes in handy for a new hobby like 3d printing 👍

My first benchy! 🥳
Looks quite good except for some stringing.

After assembling my 3dprinter I tried to test a few prints but had no luck whatsoever. Readjusted the axes, still no luck. Tried different heating settings, no luck. Then I switched from Cura Slicer to Prusa Slicer and now it’s working well.

So my elderly friends laptop died and now I‘m trying to swap it out with a raspberry pi and raspbian. Lets see how that goes 😅

My 3d-printer finally arrived ! Now I have to assemble it & try my first print.

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India's coronavirus lockdown is having a dramatic impact on pollution

In the capital, New Delhi, government data shows the average concentration of PM 2.5 plunged by 71% in the space of a week


Tried out signals video chat for the first time today. I have to say its not really well designed but "it works". The last time I just tried their voice calling it never worked so thats a welcoming surprise...

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Don't use a piece of software just because everyone else is. Do some research and make your own decisions.

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We redesigned the landing page, it will be rolling out in the next release!

Some highlights:

- Cleaner Design
- Easy Customization
- Timeline Preview
- Instance Stats
- Feature list
- Improved register process + spam detection
- New Discover Feature

and much more! #pixelfed

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New season of La Casa de Papel was released on Netflix today. Binge watching lets go 🥳

got a new icon and I really like it. The app seems a lot faster as well!

Spent to whole day watching videos about 3d printing and how to mod the 3d printer I'm getting. Hopefully it will be as exciting to do as it is to watch.

Just read the announcement from @fosstodon . Thank you very much for listening @kev & @mike . I really appreciate it. I also understand that it costs extra, but you'll definitely have on supporter more once I have set up my Liberapay account.

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Following some feedback from one of our members, we have replaced with for our instance.

You can read more about it here:


Well. Now I'm about 250 € poorer but proud owner of an 3d printer. Hope it arrives this week. Excited!

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Remember when Amazon first launched and started putting bookstores out of business? People would look at books at a physical bookstore and then choose to buy the book through Amazon instead.

I realized I've started kind of doing the opposite. I check out reviews on Amazon and then I buy the product either directly from the manufacturer or from a more ethical retail site (shout out to London Drugs if you're Canadian).

How's it feel, Amazon?

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