Hey there, everyone.

Small update on version 2:

We really want VivumLab to be as user friendly as possible, so we have decided to forgo the TUI built in python (sorry, jwlodek), and build a nice web interface in JS (via node)

Discussion are happening, but VivumLab is open source & volunteer based; we all know that life doesn't stop for anyone.

Updates will be shared, as they happen.

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There's an uptick of sign-ups on mastodon.social larger than on the day Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter's shares (that's the other peak). I suspect similar graphs across the entire Mastodon network (at least I hope so!)

VivumLab is now available as a docker container. Currently in beta. Try it out; visit us on GitHub.

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@vivumlab Well, studies have shown*, our community members/users are some of best around.

*Disclaimer: There are no studies but, we think our members are pretty awesome. 😜

Thanks @cooper

We are glad to be a part of Fosstodon; which came highly recommended by some of your users

Hi everybody.

VivumLab is now on Mastodon.

We have been hard at work on version 2, which we are planning to drop soon.

For those of you that don't know what VivumLab is, check out our website at VivumLab.com

We are a fork of, and a fantastic alternative to HomeLabOS.


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