Yesterday F-Droid :fdroid: published our 1.0beta2 release 🎈

Crash fixes, #⃣ hashtag support, ⬆️ click tab to scroll to top, translation updates

(Client for , the federated image sharing platform) -

@PixelDroid tried the app today, and it is not letting me login via app. it just comes back to the instance entering page after I authorize the app on website. I have a 2FA activated on my account tho.

@PixelDroid @vinod on that issue it's stated that oauth doesn't support 2f. But mastodon supports 2F login? So it's pixelfed implementation thats lacking?


@andreasio @PixelDroid no it is the app's issue. i dont know whether they have improved on it. im patiently waiting for their app to be full fledged.

They say it's the server. Guess that means pixelfed's oauth implementation? @pixelfed

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