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Just joined! Glad to be part of this!

I discovered Mastodon after reading about the "Re-decentralizing the Internet" movement. It hit me right on the nose. Being a developer who's worked in media and ad tech, and someone with kids, I'm concerned about the direction we seem to be moving in. Joining this community is my first small step towards decentralization of my "personal infrastructure" and taking back ownership of our data and privacy.

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Twitter got the axe this week. The LinuxRocks Mastodon instance is my only social media now. Also, good morning 🙂.

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Hey all, I'm new here. Looking forward to testing out Mastodon again. Been using Linux for well over a decade; wrote "openSUSE Linux Unleashed" awhile back. Who's using openSUSE here? .

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@katnjia its a few quick Baphomet illustrations I made as wallpapers for my Plasma setup following the Gruvbox colour theme.
(like this one, the other three coming after this)

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Very interesting comparison of VPS rental costs vs physically hosting a small-form physical PC ...

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Thought it was about time I did an introduction:

👋 Hi, I'm Juan

🇬🇧 Lives in the Suffolk UK

🧒 Has three children (10, 8 & 6)
🐶 Has a dog called Zack (German Sheppard cross w/ Border Collie)
🐱 Is owned by a cat named Rocco (Bengal)
🐔Keeps chickens

📽 Loves horror films/series
📺 Enjoys trash tv programmes, cooking, comedy shows
🥘 Loves to cook
☕️ Espresso drinker

💻 Contract front-end developer/designer

#introduction #introductions

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Hello all, I'm new to Mastodon! I'm a JS and C developer, contribute to a few node.js packages as well as jansson and Asterisk PBX. Anyone know of good JS accounts to follow?

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Si il y a un•e spécilaliste de borg backup dans la fée d'hiver, j'aimerai bien être contacté.
Merci d'avance, bisous.
Propagation souhaitée
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Well, here I am. It'll take me a while to learn my way around, but here I am. 😀

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Hello Mastodon people! I'm new and very excited to be here!
I like the idea of how computing and now even social networking (thanks to mastodon) can be done better using open source ideology.
I'm a science enthusiast(esp. physics) and a mechanical engineering major, and always try to adopt open source ideology into my working field and academia.
I also think, science and education in general is done better through open source models.

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First toot! Looking forward to a decentralized social media experience.

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#2105 "Modern OSI Model" 

In retrospect, I shouldn't have used each layer of the OSI model as one of my horcruxes.

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Hello there.

My name is epsi, a DE/WM blogger. I'm new citizen here.

Searching for social manager other than googleplus and facebook.

I have already use telegram, and my username is @cahgentoo.

I'm not sure if this twitter-like mastodon fit for me.


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The @fosdem will begin in a few days in Brussels. Our talk, "Analysis of the behavior of mobile applications and its consequences for our privacy" will take place in the Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom !

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So #selfhosting folks, what do you use for authentication? I'm writing an #email / #webmail client and was wondering what my first target should be for supporting?

#OpenID Connect
vanilla #OAuth2


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