@kev At one point more than a decade ago I was trying to start a side aquarium business. Turning passion into fruition and all that.

It didn't get very far. After the initial investment, passion turned into lots of labor, the fruit never came. It was an interesting time. Importing skids from the us, going to fish auctions, the water changes 😬

I kept everything as a hobbyist for a few years but it was too much to handle. Life, work, other hobbies creeped in and it was time to let it go.

@kev Take me down memory lane. I had 16 tanks, almost exclusively Tanganyikan.

* 2 120g tanks w/ frontosa
* 2 40g long planted community tanks - some malawi taint
* 2 20G long shellie tanks
* 10 nursery tanks, mostly 20G

3 50G aerated rain barrels. Conditioner would have bankrupt me after the Eheim tax.

Great posts. Wish something that clear was around when I first started out. Would have saved me a lot of pain for sure.

Now.. you're reigniting my passion. Ain't nobody got time for this!

@chance ... but servers shouldn't have things changing automatically.

Ubuntu's position on the matter was disheartening, but it's very clear messaging. They have no place on a server. That brought me back to Debian.

The migration back to Debian will be phased as 18.04 (the last usable Ubuntu release) machines get upgraded, but all new deployments will be on Old Reliable :)

Thanks @debian for staying true to your purpose, even while I had a short hiatus!

@chance I ran a fleet of >1200 machines running Debian for at least a decade.

Clients over the past 4/5 years kept landing on Ubuntu in the server realm so being the fan of standardized and predictable deployments, everything became Ubuntu.

Snaps changed everything I've every valued as a sysadmin,now founder of a infrastructure engineering firm. Systems aren't supposed to change underneath you. It's different when it's a browser update...

Ubuntu has been a growing pain for me over the last year or so. Mostly due to the baked in third party cicd known as snaps.

Last week marked my return to beloved @debian with a large Docker cluster deployment and the end of Ubuntu rollouts.

It feels good to be back! :)

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Happy to the badasses keeping everything running.

Relevant xkcd: 705

@mike @kev

I'm curious what sources people are using as well. I use reddit, hackernews, and a ton of slack channels (how I miss IRC).

For RSS specifically, the folks at @Framasoft are doing great work creating and supporting opensource services/software.

They have a hosted "Framanews", or you can download and host it yourself.


Feeling grateful and nostalgic today. This was my first opensource code contribution. Switching desktops was very important to me :)

didn't exist, @sourceforge
was our saviour, PRs took 3 yrs to merge.

What were your earliest contributions?

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No more Google Fonts on Elixir Cross Referencer!

From Chinese users, this at last means quick access to elixir.bootlin.com/ as the "Great Firewall of China" is blocking access to Google resources.

This also means that we don't support Google tracking your visits to our website.

Thanks to Vince Hillier for contributing this change:

A similar change will be applied to Bootlin's website.

I prefer using a Mac as my workhorse, but 90% of my work happens on Linux machines. I build a lot of automation and that meant a) remote system running LXD or b) Virtual Box.

Queue multipass: Instant Ubuntu VMs on your Mac:



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