Nothing to do with technology, but I know we have other fish keepers here in the community that might find this interesting.

If you're thinking about getting a fish tank, read this post first. 🙂


@kev Take me down memory lane. I had 16 tanks, almost exclusively Tanganyikan.

* 2 120g tanks w/ frontosa
* 2 40g long planted community tanks - some malawi taint
* 2 20G long shellie tanks
* 10 nursery tanks, mostly 20G

3 50G aerated rain barrels. Conditioner would have bankrupt me after the Eheim tax.

Great posts. Wish something that clear was around when I first started out. Would have saved me a lot of pain for sure.

Now.. you're reigniting my passion. Ain't nobody got time for this!

@vince oh wow! I thought I had my hands full! Did you get rid of everything in the end?

@kev At one point more than a decade ago I was trying to start a side aquarium business. Turning passion into fruition and all that.

It didn't get very far. After the initial investment, passion turned into lots of labor, the fruit never came. It was an interesting time. Importing skids from the us, going to fish auctions, the water changes 😬

I kept everything as a hobbyist for a few years but it was too much to handle. Life, work, other hobbies creeped in and it was time to let it go.

@vince yeah, that’s always the danger of turning a hobby into a career. It 😒

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