Have you seen the "awesome" collections? This is just one of them, several others linked from this list.


I guess my next two weeks are spoken for. :blobthinkingeyes:

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Ubuntu has been a growing pain for me over the last year or so. Mostly due to the baked in third party cicd known as snaps.

Last week marked my return to beloved @debian with a large Docker cluster deployment and the end of Ubuntu rollouts.

It feels good to be back! :)

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Happy to the badasses keeping everything running.

Relevant xkcd: 705

Feeling grateful and nostalgic today. This was my first opensource code contribution. Switching desktops was very important to me :)

didn't exist, @sourceforge
was our saviour, PRs took 3 yrs to merge.

What were your earliest contributions?

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No more Google Fonts on Elixir Cross Referencer!

From Chinese users, this at last means quick access to elixir.bootlin.com/ as the "Great Firewall of China" is blocking access to Google resources.

This also means that we don't support Google tracking your visits to our website.

Thanks to Vince Hillier for contributing this change:

A similar change will be applied to Bootlin's website.

I prefer using a Mac as my workhorse, but 90% of my work happens on Linux machines. I build a lot of automation and that meant a) remote system running LXD or b) Virtual Box.

Queue multipass: Instant Ubuntu VMs on your Mac:



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