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Probably this package?

I see it includes the Suru QML component.
Found this from here

Not sure where to get that for ArchLinux ARM though.

@enerialufan If you are able to access the grub boot menu at least, you should be able to select an older kernel and try booting that.

@PixelDroid Some variations - Red Pixel, Pixel Panda, Pixda or Pixeda

or "Bamboo" - what the red panda likes :)

@edgren No GUI applications for desktop if that is what you are looking for. This is why I switched to QOwnNotes and Nextcloud Notes. There is a web interface for org-mode called org-web (org-web.org/).

If you have enough RAM to spare, one possibility would be to simply open your mobile screen on the desktop using scrcpy while it is charging :)

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Just a short recommendation post on an open source password manager. The program is fantastic 😊

3 / 100


Using Blender for video editing after a long time. Liking the new UI very much.
Latest version is available as a snap or as a tar archive.

@mzumquadrat Sure, if it is all setup and working, no reason to change :) I haven't used the Music addon. Will need to try it at some point.

@mzumquadrat For music collection, I use Syncthing on Linux and Android. It works really well. I only have it setup on the LAN though with static IPs set on both sides to avoid delays.

@enerialufan I'm now using the second option i.e, default directory set to ~/.npm-global

@enerialufan The main problem I faced with 'sudo npm install -g pkg' is that I was getting permission denied errors while using 'npm install' again in a different project.

There were other issues in the past like filesystem permissions being changed:

The current recommendation is to reinstall npm with a node version manager or change npm's default directory (not applicable on Windows) or use npx (for npm 5.2 or greater)
See: docs.npmjs.com/resolving-eacce

@enerialufan This is nice! I always search Wikipedia or IMDb (!w & !imdb in DDG)

One difference though, I avoid using sudo and -g with npm and rather install the program in a local folder i.e., "npm install prog" and symlink binary to ~/bin.

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Delta chat has videochat now. This is excellent. I like how they did it too. It just pulls up a webrtc videochat URL that you can choose and makes a random room name. On android I entered meet.jit.si and it pulls up the jitsi app when I start a chat.

Inkscape tip:
File β†’ Save a Copy β†’ Optimized SVG

Creates smaller SVGs

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