IMHO Nextcloud should just include the download button next to the size column rather than displaying it in a dropdown box. This just feels like a waste of space.

@vimaltech There are usually other options in this dropdown menu. Maybe you just don't have the permissions for these ?

@Crocmagnon This was a link I shared with some one else. Clicking on the file name plays the video. I feel it is not immediately obvious how to download an individual file as it is hidden under the dropdown menu.

@vimaltech I understand your point. Although I see a « Download all files » in the top right, and maybe the right click works also ?
If that’s the case I pretty much agree with their design except for the fact that hiding a single button inside a drop down menu is a bit useless indeed!

@vimaltech You could maybe create an issue on their repo, so someone can work on this 😊

@Crocmagnon "Download all files" is perfectly fine for downloading the entire folder. Downloading individual files is not intuitive, I feel. Will try submitting an issue. Thanks!

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