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Just a short recommendation post on an open source password manager. The program is fantastic 😊

3 / 100

Using Blender for video editing after a long time. Liking the new UI very much.
Latest version is available as a snap or as a tar archive.

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Delta chat has videochat now. This is excellent. I like how they did it too. It just pulls up a webrtc videochat URL that you can choose and makes a random room name. On android I entered and it pulls up the jitsi app when I start a chat.

Inkscape tip:
File β†’ Save a Copy β†’ Optimized SVG

Creates smaller SVGs

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VimalTech boosted is pretty good self-hosted commenting system.

Loving it for my blog!

Used Aegisub for the first time. It is a GUI for creating subtitles:

Once created, subtitles can be embedded in videos, using VLC , if necessary. TJ Free has some tutorials on YouTube:

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Welcome to a long overdue episode 37! In this episode I share the personal story about my fight with Legionnaire's Disease. Plus, System76 Engineer Jeremy Soller is working on something groundbreaking, and AMD Ryzen fans are going to love it!

I also shine a spotlight on Star Labs -- they're doing something EVERY Linux PC company should be doing.

And finally, I close the show by telling you which distro I really miss...



New Blog Post:
Converting Markdown to HTML Using Custom CSS and Template With Pandoc

I used MVP.css (classless) recently.

The HTML output looked really nice.This is also the first time, I've used a template with Pandoc, so wrote about it in the blog post.

Linux user for ~20 years: Kubuntu on Desktop (previously Arch, openSUSE, Fedora), Ubuntu and Debian on servers. Have built my own distro / live-cd back in the day πŸ™‚. Was a great learning experience for me then.

Like, use and advocate for Linux and open source software. Also, write about it, when I can. Program in Python most of the time. Other interests β€” self-hosting, static sites, theme development and user interfaces.

Like Mastodon compared to other networks :)


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