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Nextcloud's Cookbook app is nice and useful!
Recipes from supported websites ( recipe format) can be imported from the web app and viewed on mobile (Android) using the app (requires Nextcloud installed as well)

Was looking up CommonMark and came across this nice tutorial on Markdown syntax. Learnt few things I didn't know before :)

IMHO Nextcloud should just include the download button next to the size column rather than displaying it in a dropdown box. This just feels like a waste of space.

Some nice tips/app picks on the recent Linux Unplugged podcast. I'm checking out profile-sync-daemon. Also on the list - video trimmer, firefox-adwaita-theme and also considering moving ~/bin to ~/.local/bin

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Major performance improvements coming to the thanks to work by Ondrej Jirman (megi).
Video shows UI performance of
@kde on
@postmarketOS, but the fix will benefit all OSes.

Firefox config to load tabs in background (CTRL+click or from external applications).

In about:config, set
browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground to true

Prefer this to the default, especially when opening links from my RSS reader (QuiteRSS)

Goodtime β€” beautiful, minimal pomodoro timer for Android. Been using it for a week and like it very much.

Teleprompter software for Linux and other platforms. Useful and the only one I found for this purpose. Used it for recording audio for my recent tutorials

Imaginary Teleprompter

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Just a short recommendation post on an open source password manager. The program is fantastic 😊

3 / 100

Using Blender for video editing after a long time. Liking the new UI very much.
Latest version is available as a snap or as a tar archive.

Inkscape tip:
File β†’ Save a Copy β†’ Optimized SVG

Creates smaller SVGs

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Vimal boosted is pretty good self-hosted commenting system.

Loving it for my blog!

Used Aegisub for the first time. It is a GUI for creating subtitles:

Once created, subtitles can be embedded in videos, using VLC , if necessary. TJ Free has some tutorials on YouTube:

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