Hello I planning buy new laptop I have a question, where is easier switching iGPU and dGPU?
2. Intel CPU + NVIDIA dGPU

I really like AMD, but here isn't so much AMD CPU + AMD dGPU.
Any recommendation?

@vilda In Linux amd drivers are more updated and supported than any company

@vilda Nvdia gpus are a nightmare in Linux. Like it ia really bad

@XxAlexXx @vilda I wouldn't use Nvidia either. They normally go on their own and breaks a lot of things except if you are planning to use Nouveau which is FLOSS and works better but it will always be behind the proprietary driver.

@jrballesteros05 @XxAlexXx Okay, so I can't found how to switch AMD dGPU (Example RX5500m). I only need mesa packages and DRI_PRIME=1 package?

@vilda @XxAlexXx In the Archwiki there are information about that:

As I understand HybridGraphics are not well supported in Linux as Windows. So, there are risks. In my case I had an Intel and a Nvidia card and I could never make it work the switch but It does not mean it wouldn't work for you.

@jrballesteros05 @XxAlexXx I have fully working laptop with Intel + Nvidia dGPU, if you want, I can assist you to make fully working switching.

@archos @vilda Mám jen AMD CPU bez dGPU, takže s přepínáním nemám zkušenosti. Ale mají tam kombinace konfigurací, které jsem u standardních výrobců moc neviděl, tak třeba najdeš to, co potřebuješ.

@vilda it doesn't make a big difference as long as you use open source drivers. Open source AMD driver is in a much better state than nouveau which makes the option 1) easiest.

@sesivany Thanks I think here is a only one way, wait for AMD RX6000 series GPU.

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