In our new article we talk about DRM, a technology still little known, but very dangerous.

Let us know what you think about it!

Nel nostro nuovo articolo parliamo di DRM, una tecnologia ancora poco conosciuta, ma molto pericolosa.

Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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What Has Happend and Where Have We Come: A Short History of DRM - Defective By Design:

I absolutely refuse to implement DRM in my browsers, and I'm seeking out alternative entertainment to promote which is distributed officially (no "piracy"):

Not that it's too relevant for Rhapsode or Hephaestus as I'm considering video playback and clientside apps out of scope...

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Here is an article I wrote for the Defective By Design campaign during my internship at the @fsf

This is a short timeline of and the battle against it. I hope the article will encourage new people to join the campaign :)

Have you seen our new video in support of student #UserFreedom? Watch the University of Costumed Heroes and share our message to stand up for the rights of the younger generation.

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Free Your Thoughts, use LibreOffice

Everyone knows ... really? perhaps all those on , but how many outside know how powerful this splendid program is?
In this guide we talk about it.

Libera il pensiero, usa LibreOffice

Tutti conoscono #libreoffice ... ah si? forse tutti quelli su #mastodon, ma in quanti, al di fuori, conoscono le potenzialità di questo splendido programma?
In questa guida ne parliamo un po'.

#freesoftware #libreoffice #it #italiano #guide #freedomofthoughts

È impossibile correggere gli abusi se non sappiamo di averli davanti
Julian Assange

It is impossible to correct abuses unless we know that they’re going on.


#julianassange #whistleblower #giornalismo #wikileaks #verità

Chi protesta deve tutelarsi il più possibile!
La #EFF offre questa guida in cui ricorda ai manifestanti alcuni accorgimenti per difendersi dal punto di vista tecnologico

#privacy #proteste #GeorgeFloyd #HongKong #Tecnologia

Those who protest must protect themselves as much as possible!
The offers this guide in which it reminds protesters of some tricks to defend themselves from the technological point of view

Per quanto tempo vuoi che questi messaggi rimangano segreti? Voglio che rimangano segreti finché gli uomini saranno capaci di fare del male.
Neal Stephenson, #Cryptonomicon

-How long do you want these messages to remain secret?[...]
+I want them to remain secret for as long as men are capable of evil.

#privacy #cryptography #messaggi #encryption #it #italia #eng #crittografia #nealstephenson

La guida più libera per imparare come proteggersi utilizzando le email

Email Self-Defense è uno strumento mantenuto e distribuito dalla @fsf con lo scopo di realizzare una infografica aggiornata e semplice per spiegare il funzionamento delle email.

#it #italian #encryption #email #freesoftware #fsf

The free as in freedom guide to learn how to use emails

Email Self-Defense is a tool made by @fsf with the aim to build a simple and up to date infographics to explain how emails work.

Looking for some audio entertainment to get you through a slow afternoon, or to accompany you on a walk through the park? #LibrePlanet2020 sessions are now available as audio files!

The source code for Windows NT 3.5 and the original Xbox console have leaked online. Obviously it's still not free software until the copyright holder gives it a free license, but we hope Microsoft will do that now.

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