First toot! hehe toot. god i love that so much more than tweet rn like...toot is such a fun thing to say

@WhoNeedszZz i see an arch linux logo in your display name very nice very nice

@viabeans toot is rlly funny. Gotta admit It got a chuckle outta me when I first saw it

@bisectro TOOT. also glad to see u on the good social network :333

@viabeans You too!! I dont know what imma be doin here yet but I think Vibing is enough of a requirement? :P

@bisectro im p sure it is! hey you could start posting ur art onto here! some of ur previous stuff just to have some content on ur profile

@bisectro and ofc get in touch with the other homestuck coolkids out there

@viabeans Oh my god V, slow down! the site is eating ur notifictions!! HAHA

@bisectro i disabled them cause ive logged onto here 24/7 >:D no one can get rid of me MWAHAHAHA

@viabeans But yeah good idea, I think ill do that. Twitter had me scared to interact with anyone for the fear of remote cancelling.

*puts on cool glasses* but not anymore

@bisectro YEAH! and if things get dicey you can always just make ur own server and have the people u actually like on there

@viabeans I'm gonna have to dm you about the details of making a server because you make it sound like I can just do it lmao

@bisectro OH LMAO it costs ya :p no way around that but you can use one of those hosting websites and just make one if u wanna . ooor you can go the long way round and take a small computer or get a raspberry pi and install the server functions on that instead

@bisectro okay tbf you cant have a server rn but hey at least you got your friends on here and that counts for sumthn

@viabeans That sounds incredibly cool but rather out of my reach atm

i can certainly put it on my list of things to do in the near future

@bisectro we can co-admin an instance called rosemary.gala and talk about just the most random gay shit on there which i think is a power move from the both of us :3

@viabeans fbnslkdbn Ur so funny!

Buuuuut call me jake english coz the moment im being asked to become a co-admin, I tend to have commitment issues

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