okay so since i realized there are homestuck people on here i shall be shifting my account to viabeans@vriska.life . fosstodon and linux users i may still be uploading cool ricing configs so if interesed you can follow me as well but its mostly about this one cool webcomic. go read it if u wanna

a couple roxys! the first one is from when her pesterquest sprites were revealed #homestuck #roxylalonde

juju.house is running on a $15/mo debian 9 DigitalOcean droplet with 2 GB memory, 2 CPUs, and 60 GB disk.

i followed a tutorial to install yunohost, which includes mail & xmpp servers as well as basic security features like fail2ban digitalocean.com/community/tut

i installed mastodon through the yunohost interface - the package seems well-supported and i haven't encountered any issues so far. i'm impressed - this never happens!

this is my first public masto instance and i'm learning as i go :)

Not one laptop but two society has progressed past the need for one laptop (FUCK macOS this is your PSA for today both of these are running Manjaro most of the time)

striders but they share a mastodon instance thats just them and they call boosts uppies. im like pretty right though

no but seriously eat some rich people it rounds out a healthy diet

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the most left i am is handed... i dont even care if i get a brick for that that was my peak

so i got bored one day and used this old air to do some fenagling and i present some rlly simple versions of what i would think sollux dirk and roxys computers looked like if they used linux like how all the coolkids do >:3 if you cant read SHIT its fine i cant either

listenin to pgenpod, seeing how well my computer is doing and some cool pipes wallpaper action...ngl this is pretty sweg

"πŸ‘€" is "owo" for people who aren't furries change my mind

i have just under 8 gigs of audio from my favorite podcast in a flash drive the power of furries and communism flows through me as i hold it.

there are two wolves in my mind one is a 2012 cosplay of feferi the other is my sanity.

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i just realized theres no unhinged toots yet? and so i feel like i need to step in. i made a thing using Java to encapsulate my brainspace with this dang comic

my home timeline is very close to being just 12 june posts in a row and i can NOT be happier :3 oh no its not the month im talking about non homestucks no context for you >:D

i thought maybe mentioning homestuck would get me flung into the blursed side of this federation.

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