Just as many of FLOSS users, I too suggest Free (as in freedom) programs to my friends. One of the largest projects (aside from #linux) is #libreoffice. Now, they are all used to MS Office and when I showed them LO, they didn't wanted to learn a new interface and ended up not switching. BUT I have recently found out about the option in LO to change the interface to more MSOffice-like and I think it will make it easier for new users to switch.

View > User Interface > Tabbed


One of the reasons I switched to from MS Word was to get away from the ribbon. You can see my menu-centric layout at


Sure, MS Word has pushed the ribbon, and now for too many that is all they know.

When designing for use and understanding, however, the ribbon is horrible. The layout changes based on factors that are not obvious to a user who does not understand the complexity of the program.

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