Whoever had apparently no problems with 2D printers whatsoever and said: 'Works like a charm, let's take it to the next dimension, should work just as well.' ?

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"Der Entwickler Marvin Wißfeld hat die Client-Bibliotheken für die Corona Warn App nachgebaut. Damit funktioniert die App unter Android ohne Google-Services."

Tja, was soll man dazu noch sagen, außer: Großartig @larma! Bald gibt es also im F-Droid-Srore eine Corona-Warning-App, die nicht nur vollständig quelloffen ist, sondern auch gänzlich auf proprietäre Google-Bibliotheken bzw. Schnittstellen verzichtet.


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This is your monthly reminder to update your OsmAnd+ maps :openstreetmaps:

Trying to get spotify working on ... Let me tell you: it's a journey :oof:

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Aisle 96760, Shelf 4, Object AE:B4:A1:2B:DF:3C

A 4x6 photograph of William Blake, around twenty years old, pointing his finger at something out of frame.

A small label nearby reads DO NOT REMOVE FROM CASE. You do not see a case.

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Data loss due to corrupt disks yesterday on two client machines.

👏 👏 👏 👏

Also: If you use Outlook. Offline PST files are time bombs. Back your shit up.

Back it up.

Do it now.

I'll wait.

Look, I'm even doing it with you.

There is no reason not to do it.

Back it up.


Waiting for a 4€ processor from eBay (i3-2130) because my Celeron does not support the AVX instruction set. And without it Precise wake word engine does not work :oh_no_bubble:

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« I'm angry at myself for not having even thought of the possibility I could lose my account with everything in it » businessinsider.fr/us/google-u

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Hey Fediverse!


Published another update to my FOSS project: QCard

Added more information about how it all works.

Please drop me any feedback!


Boosts Appreciated, I think this has a really cool use-case! 🚀

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🎉 duf v0.5.0 is out, the user-friendly 'df' alternative!

🌟 Support for path arguments to limit output to specific devices
🌟 Added --only flag to show only specific device groups
🌟 Better handling for Docker overlays
🌟 ...many other small improvements!

Get it here: github.com/muesli/duf

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I just released v0.9.2 of #FreeTube which should fix the recent issues with videos not playing along with a handful of other features. Check out the patch notes over on GitHub.


Download the new release over on the website.


There will be another update here in a couple of days to fix the search problems. Stay on the lookout for that.

#privacy #opensource

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Did you know? LibreOffice has an alternative user interface called the NotebookBar! To try it out, go to View > User Interface > Tabbed in the menu...

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