Installed arch with archinstall btw
Default selection of mkinitpico trashed the installation when unstable repo was enabled. Otherwise pretty good with KDE

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KDE releases today Plasma 5.25 Beta. This is for testing purposes and not advised for production use or as a daily driver. The final release will happen on June 14.

Would you like to help KDE devs squash bugs? Find out how to install the test version of Plasma on your distro and report bugs to

There will be a special Plasma 5.25 Beta review day on May 26. You will be able to work with devs and solve bugs in real time!

Watch this space for more details.

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My desktop and laptop are now both running Arch with KDE Plasma. It's nice to have a unified experience.

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Join Bitwarden on Twitch to learn about Provisioning Users and Groups with SSO and Directory Connector:

9 AM PST | 12 PM EDT | 6 PM CEST

Tune in with your favorite secure browser and preferred privacy and security extensions.

Bonus: Let us know what you think about twitch and if there are open source streaming platforms you would prefer to see Bitwarden on.

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Cool email hack (the good kind): GOG sends a special offer alert with a working countdown timer. In an email!

And no, no Javascript. They just send you this gif, which loops after one minute, but is generated on the fly. So every time you open an email, you’ll get an accurate countdown timer – for one whole minute.

I once worked a month in my free time on a Google Play Music frontend, because the normal Webfrontend was really resource hungry. 2 days after getting all major functionality working, Google released an overhauled version of the WebApp that was less resource hungry and worked on my shitty laptop. Taught me a lesson regarding trust and ability to prepare for decisions made by large companies...
Then they killed Google Play Music and drove me to Spotify :blobcatfacepalm:

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Intending to submit our Android app to the Play Store for review today 🤞

Anyone know about an end to end enrypted file sharing service with the ability to mirror the data to a different server?

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I like how people often refer to open source code as not production ready considering the absolute horrors I’ve seen in proprietary code.

There’s some magical thinking that many of us are guilty that big-time company-owned projects somehow have all these quality processes.

Tryin to get learnt for my new job but the site with the online courses just won't mark some courses as finished and thus not allowing me to watch the ones coming after it... I have been learning this software for 4 days now and already had to open just as many support tickets. This does not bode well... :ablobcateyesflip:

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there is a W3C recommendation for Web MIDI and USB and SQL stuff

there is no such thing for logging into a @#$% website

state of the art is "type plaintext password into a nonstandard form field"

and then we have software trying to automate doing that

how is this stuff not baked into HTTP

... as in: how did we _ignore_ that it was already baked into HTTP as of 20+ years ago

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Created a #codeberg account as I'd like to have my projects available on more alternative git hosting services in the future, especially considering I'm a minor without much control over my own money and won't be able to pay for my #sourcehut account (when it enters beta, ofc) until I'm an adult.

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"I’ll pay you cold hard cash to delete your npm module"

A bit drastic, but hey, it's Drew 😄

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mfw includes an app owned by Amazon and funded by the CIA in this blog but not us


Top 5 WhatsApp Alternatives for Privacy - what are your favorites?


Hey @codeberg , what is your policy on bot accounts? I need to set one up for renovate

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