Very cool feature by @fdroidorg
We all need more of this air gapped friendly functionally

@vbatts @fdroidorg Does this work by downloading the index, and then comparing debs against the hashes?

.apk from an Android phone. Presumably checking that the signature is still validate (which implies checksum of the package)

@mondstern @fdroidorg yes, but there still needs to be more like it. Like secure-scuttlebutt being able to gossip updates from the network even on local network.

@vbatts @fdroidorg It's really nice for offline use. Used it last year while camping to send my friend a copy of OsmAnd+ as well as some offline map files.
I wish more apps would add offline/peer2peer functionality like this.

I regularly share apps offline using either Total commander or TrebleShot (available from F-Droid)

@vbatts @fdroidorg Makes me think of the PalmOS Days when you could transfer apps between Treos/Centros using the IR port.

they've had this for a while I think. unfortunately no one I know IRL uses fdroid :(

See this, app developers? Always assume the internet connection is flaky. I'm looking at you, @Tusky

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