@fireglow I really wish these kinds of community-supported internet connections were the norm.
Use radio or cabling between buildings, run fiber to every flat. Make use of whatever you can to connect to the nearest internet exchange with redundant uplinks.

Rather than for-profit telcos plastering glossy advertisements all over, and fighting each other over infrastructure mostly owned by a single large player in the market, and selling DSL and a wifi AP to each and every flat :flan_eyeroll:

It's only FPGA if it comes from the PGA region of France. Otherwise it's just a sparkling gate array.

checking and doubling checking all the channels for who might be stirring at this hour

Using Podman to run containers instead of Docker.

- Doesn't need a daemon
- No root access
- Compatible with Docker images
- Compatible with Docker CLI
- Apache 2.0

Will write more later. Try podman.io/

got my local network all set up with . The server is caching and round robin of the fastest upstream servers, so ISP is getting less of that information, and no single provider is getting all the queries.
Since I'm also peering several hosts, I am making use of a feature I found in the man-pages called `localise-queries`, where I can overload addresses in /etc/hosts and dnsmasq will respond to a query with the subnet that matches where the request cam from.
So great.

Glad to see a spike in activity on @keybase but it seems to be a 3:1 spam to actual.
Perhaps it's too easy to register? I'm trying to block those that seem robotic or predatory.

I'm expecting the spam calls to ramp up due to this recent PLD database dump.

These data enrichment companies are frustrating.


thank you for your attention in this important matter

Everyone should ready themselves with and routing private subnets. The public internet is a growing wasteland. Empower yourself to have a place of refuge.

not icann; wecann.


there's more dns out there than you know... and it's not under one organization's control.

updated to nextcloud 15.0.13 from the literal clouds ☁️☁️☁️

I do like solving problems in the container space

Dang. I was in a thread in the fediverse where someone asked if there exists a service where folks can stream movies in sync with each other (to watch Hackers).

A friend wrote flicktrack.me
Which does this thing.

Create a room, paste the link to YouTube, SoundCloud, etc and watch (or listen).
No login required.

What I sometimes cannot get is how OSS projects still use GitHub. Sure, GitHub is great and all, but we've seen them do many terrible things. Use @codeberg or Gitea! Or, even better, host git on your own domain.

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