Wondering why my database is not getting populated with data...

Queries using singles are only executed when subscribed. I'm so stupid :D

As you may have noticed from recent boosts, @pixelfed now has "remote follows".

In case you're wondering what it is, #Pixelfed is a free open alternative to Instagram, designed for privacy-friendly photo sharing.

You can now follow Mastodon accounts from Pixelfed, and Pixelfed accounts from Mastodon.

Some good servers to sign up on:

Remote follows mean wherever you sign up, you can follow people from other servers 馃憤

#Instagram #Alternatives

@ben We could do it, if we all would roll a 20 sided dice where 1-9 would mean 45%, 10 would mean 5%, 11-14 would mean 20% and 15-20 would mean 30%.

@pixeldev I assume by "Mastodon API" you mean the client API, not federation, right?
Meaning, that only mastodon compatible client apps will stop functioning with pixelfed.

It comforts me so much when I'm watching a video of a presentation of some highly skilled Google developer and he's suddenly like "oh oh, something stopped working..."

#frudaysforfuture in #erfurt

Auch in den Ferien sind wir 80 Leute! Die #Klimakriese kennt keine Ferien, daher k枚nnen wir auch nicht warten!

We got a tiny step closer to fully end-to-end encrypted message content in .
Version 0.0.1 of XEP-420: Stanza Content Encryption () just got published.
Still it is a long way till we're there.




POLL: Quick check on GIF pronunciation...

If you still need a reason to switch to more secure messengers (i.e. @ThreemaApp@twitter.com @wire@twitter.com @matrixdotorg@twitter.com or even better: a @xmpp@twitter.com client with #OMEMO):

#facebook is adding a possibility to bypass the end-to-end encryption in #WhatsApp .


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