So they are using you work as a core component in their commercial product (60$ per year per user) and now they generously "sponsor" you? I'd call this preying.

@kirschwipfel @vanitasvitae Depends on the deal, I'd say. You sell your time to your employer too, I suspect.

Yes, depend in the deal. For me "Sponsoring" does not sound link a adequate deal. More like getting some crumb. Otherwise it would be "funding".

@nwalfield @vanitasvitae
Yes I'm frustrated about HUGE companies making money with other people's FOSS work and are not willed to even contribute to funding.
#pyinstaller #siemens #coop.ch #google to just name a few

@kirschwipfel @vanitasvitae flowcrypt with their handful of employee's is anything but a huge company.

@kirschwipfel feel free to sponsor me as well without profiting from it ;)

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